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Pachysandra, Periwinkle, and Flowering Crabapple Tree

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A yard tour today with photos of our ground cover Pachysandra, periwinkle, flowering crabapple tree, some of the evergreens, and our front sidewalk and step.

Some bum,


bumble bees

were following me and my dog Anya around the yard.  See the little white body (below) there beyond the Pachysandra ground cover?  That’s where the bumbles are and Anya just happened upon them, so they were dive-buzzing her relentlessly.

Pachysandra, Periwinkle, and Flowering Crabapple Tree

Tim and I planted this Pachysandra ground cover years ago.  Some of it was from my Grandmother who was only too happy to share.  We bought the rest and sewed the ground cover into the soil all so long ago.  It’s easy to take care of as long as you sprinkle Preen Weed Preventer in the spring.  In the past, before we knew about Preen, we had large sticker weeds growing in the Pachysandra all summer long, but never see weeds now that we are using Preen.

Pachysandra close up

Sprinkle Preen asap, before monster sticker weeds grow…. ✓

Mature Pachysandra

The Pachysandra is hearty and easy to mow around.

Flowering crabapple tree
Flowering crabapple tree closeup

The bumbles are loving the flowering crabapple tree.  Years ago, I was mesmerized by Orioles that landed in the crabapple and were sucking the nectar.  I hurriedly put orange slices out in a container and was amazed watching them eat the oranges.  I honestly had never seen this before.  They returned the next two years and I had oranges or juice, or nectar ready.  I look for them every spring ever since then without a hint of their return like childhood.


I’ve been trimming our leggy, overgrown Forsythia whose yellow leaves announce spring.

Grape Hyacinths
Grape Hyacinths

Some Grape Hyacinths are surprisingly hanging on to spring.

Paver Brick Walkway

Tumbled paver brick walkway we installed a few years ago that I love, but the sand in-between the bricks brings ants.  We spray once or twice a season and the ants are gone.

Paver Brick Steps
Paver Brick
Periwinkle ground cover
Periwinkle ground cover
Periwinkle Ground Cover closeup
Periwinkle Ground Cover under tree

We planted Periwinkle ground cover in the front of the house and in different spots around the yard like under this backyard tree.

Backyard Evergreen

One of the evergreens in the back yard.

Anya is a Cavachon

Anya is our about 2-1/2 year-old Cavachon who is easy to spoil.  A Cavachon is 1/2 Bichon and 1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We call her our stuffed animal on wheels.  Anya has a long list of super personality traits like her clown-like antics.  She is about 12 pounds which is small for a Cavachon that generally reach 25 pounds.

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