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  1. If you find a cute cottage in Utah, I’d love to know. Hugs, Sue

  2. Very cute cottage. I don’t believe you can find anything here in Utah that cute for that price. I am going to do a little checking. I love how open this cottage looks when you walk in.

  3. Hi Candy, I know exactly what you mean; can’t find this nice of a house around here like this in Illinois either! Not sure if this area of Texas houses are mostly like this, but they always report that Texas has a good economy with a lot of jobs.

  4. For $187,000 That is one more gorgeous house. I love everything about it. In Ohio prices are still modest, but not that modest for such a nice home…. Candy

  5. We were planning to add some white picket fencing to an area in our front and patio in the back this year. I’m not sure if we will get it done, but love fences like this.

  6. love the layouts of kitchen and bathroom and the white picket fence makes it all so cute

  7. Well Hi there House Crazy and happy to see you here. I think it is a gem in a sea of average.

  8. My jaw in on the ground that every house they bid on went for higher than the asking price. Around here, $795,000 will get you one heck of a big house in an elite neighborhood.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    This is adorable! I especially love the yard and the trees – I would never have guessed it is in Texas!

  10. What a sweet exterior with that porch. The interior is wonderful with that open kitchen.

    I wonder how young people today can afford to buy houses. My daughter’s best friend just bought their first house and are expecting their first baby any day now. They live in Marin County – one of the most expensive counties in the country – and he commutes into San Francisco. They paid $795,000 for a fixer upper. They lived with her parents for 3 years to save to buy a house and started looking 18 months ago. Every house they bid on went for higher than the asking price.

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