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  1. Hi Suzie, I hope you get a chance to watch The Money Pit for sure, it is hilarious!

  2. I can’t remember all of this movie? I was a kid in elementary school when it was out lol > I will have to watch it now that I am older! And ooooo my gosh what a BIG house amazing!!!!!!!

  3. Hope your turkey does not fly through the house this Thanksgiving Day and land in the bathroom. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Nancy

  4. OMG Sarah, that is incredible. Needless to say The Money Pit movie hits a spot with you and your husband. Me and my husband kind of got shafted in a different way by the real estate agent and finance company and the house is not too good either. So I know what “money was sucked up quickly” means. Glad you get a laugh out of the movie like we do though.

  5. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I just saw this movie again recently too! My husband and I were suckered the same way into buying our old money pit: an elderly couple was frantically selling and we had to give them an answer THAT DAY because they had other potential buyers coming in right behind us!
    Turns out we paid way too much and the house was falling apart beneath us. They left it in terrible condition and hid some things from us. The first year was like the scenes from The Money Pit – everything went wrong and our money was sucked up so quickly! So now when we watch that money, we’re like “he-he-he”

  6. That is my favorite part too Tim, in addition to the scaffolding catastrophe and the flying turkey.

  7. Hi Kat, I am coming over for a visit to your blog. I also consider my house a money pit. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed The Money Pit.

  8. I liked that movie too!!! The best part was when Tom Hanks fell in that hole in the floor . Oh so funny

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