“The Money Pit” Movie House Tom Hanks and Shelly Long

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The “Money Pit Movie” House:  Howz about a comedy, I think we all need to let out some hardy laughs and endorphin’s   Enter for your enjoyment “The Money Pit” movie house.  It’s an oldie, but a goody from 1986 staring Tom Hanks as Walter and Shelly Long as Anna who are the young couple in love who almost breakup while renovating their first house.

It was filmed in New York and in Lattingtown (Long Island), New York where the real “The Money Pit” house is located and where some filming took place.  The address is 199 Feeks Lane Locust Valley, New York.

The Money Pit Movie scene
Tom Hanks and Shelly Long

In an opening scene Walter says he is a conventional kinda guy.  “A little house in the suburbs, white picket fence, maybe a dog, 2.4 kids, and just to round it out a wife.”  Walter asks Anna to marry him.  Anna is a still skittish after her divorce and asks Walter for a little more time.  Oddly enough they are living in her ex-husbands apartment while he is out of the country, he comes back, and they suddenly need somewhat to live.

Framed image of The Money Pit movie house
The Money Pit House

Walter gets a tip on a house from his unscrupulous real estate agent who sends them to see a house in the suburbs that is a “million dollar distress sale.”  Here is the house as seen in the The Money Pit movie when Walter and Anna drive up, framing by me.

movie scene in the money pit movie“If you want any of the furniture, it’s all for sale!”  Antelope head anyone?

house in The Money PitWalter and Anna can’t believe their luck.  Time is short and they have to make up their minds stat.  While watching the movie over the years I had not noticed the rooftop balcony fencing before and am thrilled to see it now.

They bought it way to go movie sceneAnd the scam works.  “They bought it!  Way to go.  SOLD.”

Close up of The Money Pit house

Close up image of The Money Pit houseNice close-ups to see details of the entrance.

The Money Pit sceneThe Money Pit mattress pit.

Tom HanksIt all started with the stairs.

The Money Pit stairway sceneFix one step and put your foot through the next.

Tom Hanks stairway scene

Plumbing problems Money Pit movieRemember the disgusting plumbing!?!

stairway collapses The Money PitThe stairway starts to crumble.

Funny stairway scene The Money Pit

Tom Hanks and Shelly LongOkay, so they have stairway problems, along with plumbing, and the front door frame fell apart….

The Money Pit movie scene And the roof is leaking just a tad.

Tom Hanks "The Money Pit"Then the kitchen electrical wiring starts a fire…

The Money Pit turkey is doneand the fire sends their dinner flying through the house and it lands in the bathroom where it pops up “done.”

"The Money Pit" bathtub falls through the floorThe bathtub falls through the floor.  Yet another hole in the floor.  Walter laughs uncontrollably like a maniac at this point.

The Money Pit movie houseNever fear the Shirk Brothers are here.  It’ll be done in two weeks is the ongoing (joke) estimated time it will take to complete the job.

The Money Pit Shirk BrothersThose Shirk Brothers sure can work up a storm.  Note the little half-moons on the black shutters.

1986 Tom Hanks "The Money Pit"This scene hands down makes me laugh every time.  Tom Hanks is the funny man who dominates the movie.

scaffold scene from The Money PIitWalter collapses the scaffolding scene was so cleverly done and is a joy to watch every time.

Stairway fixed The Money Pit movieThe house is finally done and it’s amazing.

Tom Hanks Money Pit movieWalter and Anna are living separately in the house at the point when the house if finally finished due to a fight about Anna sleeping with her ex-husband Max, of which she did not actually do, but was led to believe by shallow ex-husband.

The Money Pit movie Shelly LongThey agreed to put the house up for sale, but Walter says….

stairway from The Money Pit movie “This is the step, this is our step where it all started.”  “You slept with Max and I don’t care.”  Anna: ” I didn’t sleep with Max.”  Thank goodness.  After all that work it is nice that they get back together and get to live in the house.

Beautiful renovation The Money Pit houseThe house as seen in the movie after it’s completed looks wonderful with the flower boxes under each window.

The Money Pit movie sceneLaughing at me is allowed because I only just now made the connection that in the opening and closing scenes of The Money Pit the older man getting married and then on his honeymoon is Walter’s father in the movie.

The Money Pit Rio de Janeiro houseYou may recall that at the end of the movie this same older man and his young wife are seen in Rio de Janerio buying a beautiful house from the same unscrupulous real estate scammers that sold Walter and Anna the money pit house.  How the heck did I not make the connection all these years?  This house is the Villa Vlzcaya at 3251 South Miami Avenue, Coconut Grove, South of Miami and is often seen in other movies. -per On Location

The Money Pit real house todayThe real The Money Pit house today is breathtakingly beautiful.  I was reading that this house style is called Federal and the name is gleaned from the era in America around 1780 through 1815.   The real house from the movie The Movie Pit was built in 1906 for HW Warner.  Then when William McNair owned the house, it was called Northway House.  It is located in Lattingtown, New York. -wikpedia

During the filming of The Money Pit, the house was owned by Eric Ridder Sr. who was a gold medal winner in 1952 as a member of the American yachting team. – wikpedia

Lattingtown, New York is in the Long Island Sound area on the south side, so I don’t know if it was hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Walter and Anna get married The Money Pit~THE END~

For a Birds Eye View of the real The Money Pit house click here.


Wikimapia.org for the real The Money Pit house today.


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