On Screen with Showtime’s The Affair Long Island Homes

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T H E  A F F A I R

On the set with Showtime’s series The Affair. Have you been watching? The Affair debuted last October and is a dark mystery about the extramarital affair between Alison and Noah.

The Affair stars Ruth Wilson as Alison Lockhart, Dominic West as Noah Solloway, Maura Tierney as Noah’s wife Helen and Joshua Jackson plays Cole Lockhart, Alison’s husband.

The mystery in season one is kind of a who done it. We know someone died, but we don’t know who, how or why until the last episode.

The story unfolds as Detective Jeffries who is investigating a death separately interviews Alison and Noah. He’s trying to find out who may have had a motive to kill this person. Each week there are two parts as told to the detective through the eyes of how Noah remembers things and then the sequence of events as told by Alison. The interesting part is neither of them remembers events the same way.

The East Hampton Star reports “The Affair” was shot in the Amagansett Beach Hampton neighborhood.

On Screen with Showtime's The Affair Long Island Homes

Noah and Helen live in NYC where Noah is a school teacher. They pack up their 4 kids right to left, little Stacey, Whitney, Martin and Trevor to spend the summer in Montauk on Long Island…

On Screen with Showtime's The Affair show - The Butler's estate

staying with Helen’s wealthy parents (The Butler’s) at their estate home. I have not found the location yet, but assume it’s in Amagansett, New York.

On Screen with Showtime's The Affair show - The Butler's estate

The Lobster Roll where Alison works as a waitress was filmed on location at the restaurant on Montauk Hwy Amagansett, New York. If you watch The Affair you’ll recognize the steps leading up to the door used as the office. Additional taping is set to take place here next season.*

The Affair cafe scene episode one Noah meets Alison

The family stops to eat before heading to the in-laws with Alison as their waitress and then

Solloway girl choking at The Lobster Roll 2

Stacey chokes on some food.

Noah and Alison chance encouner The Affair screen shot episode one

As Alison comes out of the bathroom apparently shaken about Stacey choking, she and Noah have a chance meeting that sets the affair in motion. We think the restaurant is where Alison works and her boss Oscar is just a jerk, but they have a mysterious other kind of business relationship too.

Showtime's The Affair - The Butler's estate home

It’s not all happiness and roses inside the beautiful in-laws estate home even though

Long Island House waterfront scene on screen with The Affair

it has this beautiful pool and waterfront views.

Noah and Bruce Butler on Showtime's The Affair

Noah endures his FIL Bruce Butler’s digs that his job as a school teacher is not good enough and how Butler has had two books made into movies that’s something Noah can never accomplish. Plus, Bruce Butler makes a snide remark about how he gave he and Helen a loan for their home in New York and that he “has to spend the money somehow.”

Allison and Noah on the beach in season 1 - The Affair

Restless, Noah goes for a walk on the beach and runs into Alison. She tells him she could never be a writer like him and that her favorite story is Peter Pan. This becomes significant later in the show.

Alison is in deep despair, but it took a while for the audience to find out she and Cole lost their four-year-old son named Gabriel in a tragic drowning accident.

He walks her home and is amazed she lives in this beach house. Alison and Cody’s beach house is probably the house that East Hampton Star reports as “the Marine Boulevard house and the residence of a key character.”

Noah Solloway questioned by detective on The AffairThat’s Noah’s side of the story how the affair began as told to the detective. He says he was happy and had achieved all he ever wanted to, so that’s not why the affair began.

Alllson being questioned by Police Detective on Showtime's The Affair

Part 2 is Alison’s side of the story. The detective is interviewing them long after the affair began because Alison has short hair and say’s she has to get going soon to pick up her child. I think oh good, she and Cole had another child, but it turns out to not be Cole’s child or is it? We’ll find out in season two. Detective Jeffries says: “Why don’t you tell me how it began. She says: It was so long ago who remembers.

The Affair - Alison's husband Cole has a tattoo on his back with wings like the angel Gabriel.

Alison’s husband Cole has a tattoo on his back with wings like the angel Gabriel. This is a reminder about her son that is too much to bear seeing every morning when she wakes up.

Inside the beach house on Showtime's The Affair - Allison is still just going through the motions of daily living.

She is still just going through the motions of daily living. Inside, their beach house is laid back and unpretentious.

Cole and Alison's beach house as seen onscreen in The Affair
Back of The Affair Cole and Alison beach house scene

Here is a scene of the back of the beach house looking at it from the water.

Back of The Affair Cole and Alison beach house scene

In The Affair, The Lockhart Ranch has been in Cole’s family for generations and is in danger of being lost financially. The families are further intertwined when Stacey Solloway takes horse lessons and Martin Solloway gets his first job there for the summer. All the Lockhart brothers work at the horse ranch.

"The Affair" Lockhart ranch is fictional. It is actually The Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New York where you can step back in time and be a cowboy

“The Affair” Lockhart ranch is fictional. It is actually The Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New York where you can step back in time and be a cowboy. The ranch has trail rides and boarding, Pony Camp, Pony rides and parties, wagon educational tours, and a gift shop.

Cherry Lockhart plays the controlling mother on - The Affair

The Lockhart boys are reigned in by their controlling mother Cherry, played by Mare Winningham.

On Screen - Alison and Cole's family in The Affair

Business at the stable is not good and also not what it appears to be. It turns out The Lockhart’s make their living selling coke, including the mother, Cherry.

On Screen - Alison and Cole's family in The Affair

There is another house on the show, Phoebe’s house.

The Affair Episode 5 Noah and Allison get time alone at Phoebe's House

Alison is watching the house so it’s a convenient place for her and Noah to spend some time.

Fast forward to the last episode. Noah’s 16-year-old daughter Whitney gets in trouble while dating Cole’s much older brother Scotty. The affair is now exposed and who died begins to unfold….Scotty Lockhart.

Noah and Alison in NYC The Affair episode 10 season one screenshot

Later Noah and Alison are seen happily living together. There is a knock at the door and Detective Jeffries arrests Noah.

If you haven’t seen The Affair catch up on Showtime. Word on the web is season two will be sometime this fall.

Psychologically it was interesting how they did the show. The Affair has an essence about it that zooms in your fascination. It’s not the norm and a good mystery not easily figured out.

*East Hampton Star

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