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  1. Ha, good line… fantastic man (or lady) cave. The gas station pump makes me happy when I look at it. Our neighbors used to have an old beat up one like it plus he kept an old 1920s car in his barn.

  2. This garage to me is the best part of the house. I’m a nineteen sixties car person (my first car was a 1961 corvette), I am in love with the gas station signs and the muscle cars and all of the accoutrements to this fantastic man (or lady) cave.

  3. I’d love one of these kitchens as well. My husband would like it to tinker around with cars, but we are not crazy car enthusiasts.

  4. We are not car collection nuts, but with a garage like this we could be or else have a skating party here instead.

  5. I love the soda shop room. And, even though I am not a car person, that garage is amazing.

  6. Suzie@homemaker-mom says:

    O my gosh! Wow. I love both those kitchens and I love the man cave! My husband isn’t into cars much lol!

  7. Ha! Dang we think alike because I thought this same thing. He’s retired and could probably use the space for more cars.

  8. As one of my regular visitors, thank you for all the great comments Anj

  9. wow I’m a fan of both kitchens and that amazing garage but that dinning room leaves much to be desired hee hee thanks so much for the great look inside Sue

  10. I love the exterior of that mansion! It’s stunning and the foyer area is a knockout!

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