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Montauk Beach House and a Cake

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Montauk Beach House and a Banana Cake To Go

I found a spectacular Montauk beach house that completely fooled me. As soon as I saw it I thought it was the Butler’s house on Showtime’s The Affair I just did the other day. If you missed that affair it is right here On Screen with Showtime’s The Affair Long Island Homes. You’ll want to catch up for sure if you are a fan or want to know about the show.

I was sure this was the very same house and at once amazed that the house seen on The Affair was now for sale.

It took me a few comparisons looks to realize that this Montauk beach house is not the same house seen on The Affair TV show. Darn it! 

Or is it? 

Montauk beach house for sale It’s a gorgeous custom home in Montauk which is where they filmed The Affair TV show so I thought…

Montauk house for sale - pooland it has a pool exactly like the pool at The Butler’s home.

CaptureCompare it to The Bruce Butler house above and the pool below as seen in The Affair. Tell me please you’re doing a double take too.

Long Island House waterfront scene The AffairThey’re twins! Of course, I quickly realized my folly and saw the difference between them. Schucks! Kind of fun to see twin houses though.

If you want to see inside the Montauk beach house beauty head to zillow and read all about it.

Now I know you’re wondering about the Cake To Go.

Today I shared a story about my trials and tribulations with a Banana Cake recipe on Sassy Townhouse Living. You may know Carolann of Sassy Townhouse Living. She reigned as queen for the day here in the Happy Home Tour sharing her home with us.

Go knock on her door and gain entrance first by reading all about my crazy Banana Cake recipe capers and then check out all her other news about gadgets, fashion, food, crafts, home and garden, plus she is a go-to tech wizard too and more!

Now head over to Sassy’s and read about my crazy Historical Cake Recipe

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  1. I thought those picture looked familiar! I love this show. It would be very cool to stay in a house that looked like the one from tv. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks they are twins and I am really happy to hear you struggle with banana cake too.

  3. Haha Sue your right it does look a lot alike! Also that is something I have yet to get right.. Banana cake! lol!

  4. That’s right! I remember the nice beach posts you did and didn’t realize it was Montauk. Next time you’re there, scout out The Affair beach house.

  5. We have friends that have a house in Montaul, not ON the beach, but steps away. We love it when we get an invite :). I actually posted some pics on the blog last year.

    These houses are indeed twins, and I adore the view!

  6. Try it’s a few hours at best. Maybe this summer that would make a nice staycation 🙂 I can’t wait to try this cake. The hubby loves anything with banana in it. He just asked me to make him a banana cream so maybe this will do instead 🙂

  7. You’re lucky to be not so far away from Montauk and could go there, so I hope you get to go sometime. The cake is good with a glass of milk on the side to counter the sweetness which the walnuts help with as well.

  8. Wow they do look so much alike! I’ve never been to Montauk, but I would love to go there someday it looks every so beautiful. Every time I see that pool I drool lol. And that banana cake looks so delicious I can’t wait to make it!

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