A Sand Dollar House in Texas

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A Waterfront Sand Dollar House in Texas

I would never have guessed a sand dollar house would be in Texas. This architectural wonder for sale was designed by John Covert Watson, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The listing doesn’t call it a sand dollar house, but it sure looks like one. The listing does say it is a “living sculpture-a view sanctuary for those seeking solitude, beauty, and totally unique home.” 

Sand dollar house in Texas for sale

Apparently, the sand dollar house was built for someone named “Eugenia Hunt to serve as her art studio” and that “the stories are legendary on the building process.” Whoa, this is one heck of a big art studio.

Sand dollar shapred house for sale in Lakeway Texas

The lookout and the rest of the house at this angle have a Jetson house of the future look and the round window reminds me of the Flintstones house.

Sand dollar house in texas for sale - glassed in lookout

This Unusual House is:

“Perched on a wooded bluff” and “architecture blends outdoors with the indoors and maximizes water and sunset views through the glass facade.”

Sand dollar shaped house in Lakeway Texas for sale

Welcome to the future or the Bedrock past. This house is something out of this world, definitely not the norm. Let’s go inside this architectural wonder.

The unusual shaped sand dollar house in Texas for sale
House shaped like a sand dollar for sale in Lakeway Texas - living room
Kitchen in unusual house shaped like a sand dollar for sale in Lakeway Texas

I like my creature comforts too much to want to sit on these modern chairs but they look fun.

819 Mariner Lakeway Texas unique home for sale - bathroom

Gorgeous tile color. I don’t know why but the curved shaped countertop makes me dizzy.

Unusual home in Lakeway Texas for sale - Deck
Sand dollar house for sale 819 Mariner Lakeway Texas
819 Mariner Lakeway Texas - for sale

I love this aerial photo showing how much the house looks like a sand dollar.

Head to Estately to see more photos of this house. If you want to live here, she has three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. $1,075,000

Thanks to Candace Ramiraz for finding this unusual house.

Sue - Housekaboodle
Seashell House

The Sand Dollar house reminds me of the Seashell House in Mexico that you can stay in while on vacation. Take a look!

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