Storybook Cob House

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Storybook Cob House

Storybook Cob House is really the Mud and Wood House in Ireland built by a Feile Butler and Colin Ritche who run the Mud & Wood Company.

Amazing that they built their cob house by hand using natural and salvaged materials.

Their Mud & Wood site answers the burning question:

What is Cob?

It is earth with straw mixed into it and used as the building material. Furthermore, if you plan to build a cob house and your soil is too sandy, you add clay.  If your soil has too much clay, you add sand.

My neighbors have really sandy soil.  They don’t need gutters on the house because the rain water just runs off and soaks into the ground.  I have too much clay in the front of the house along the foundation.  Together, our soil is just right to build a Cob House.

Cob is also not the topsoil like you use for gardening, it is below this level of ground.

Storybook Cob House - The Mud and Wood House
Cob houses are part of the earth house, eco-friendly house, natural building architecture.
Storybook Cob House - The Mud and Wood House
The house was designed to make the most of passive solar energy.
Storybook Cob House - Mud and Wood House


Storybook Cob House

Most of the wood used throughout the home was salvaged from fallen trees.Storybook Cob House

Storybook Cob House

Fairytale bunk beds make children’s dreams come true. The ladder branches were hand-picked.

The husband and wife team built their dream come true house.  Feile is the architect and Colin is the carpenter.  They now teach courses from how to build a cob and timber frame house to how to build a pizza oven from humble and lowly mud.

Be sure to see Houzz for more Mud and Wood House photos.

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  1. What a unique house. I like the windows and all the wood and natural elements they used. Thanks for sharing because I’ve never heard of this type of home before.

    Shannon ~

  2. I love the colors on the outside – the yellow with blue trim is gorgeous.

    I also love the use of the old trees – the stair rails, the curve of the kitchen counters.

    Have you ever seen any of the homes made from shipping containers? I saw a few and they were just amazing.

  3. Beautiful inside and out – my dream home! I wonder who the cost compares to a conventional house?

  4. Interesting! I love all that wood. A home made out of mud?
    Hey Bud, I bet you have to build it, way out in the sticks, with all the city codes that you have to abide to.
    Thanks Sue, now I have to check this out

  5. Adorable and resourceful work! I’d love to build a Cob House in the Adirondacks as a second home for vacations. Thank you for posting this inspirational piece. I love it.

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