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  1. I love to feature unique homes like this. If you ever hear of one, let me know.

  2. I was thinking yesterday about ancient adobes and other kinds of early home building and how it reflects this mud house.

  3. What a unique house. I like the windows and all the wood and natural elements they used. Thanks for sharing because I’ve never heard of this type of home before.

    Shannon ~

  4. Cool house, thanks for sharing that. The countertops are really cool.

  5. Oh, my goodness. This is so cool.

  6. Love the windows too that let is so much light and heat from the sun.

  7. wow cool house the windows are stunning

  8. Yes, I have seen some really interesting shipping container homes too Carol.

  9. Using the land plus salvaged wood from trees, this home has to cost so much less than any regular home.

  10. Yes, I believe the house is on a large chunk of land.

  11. Adirondacks would be a perfect place for this house for you Robin xo

  12. I love the colors on the outside – the yellow with blue trim is gorgeous.

    I also love the use of the old trees – the stair rails, the curve of the kitchen counters.

    Have you ever seen any of the homes made from shipping containers? I saw a few and they were just amazing.

  13. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Beautiful inside and out – my dream home! I wonder who the cost compares to a conventional house?

  14. Interesting! I love all that wood. A home made out of mud?
    Hey Bud, I bet you have to build it, way out in the sticks, with all the city codes that you have to abide to.
    Thanks Sue, now I have to check this out

  15. Adorable and resourceful work! I’d love to build a Cob House in the Adirondacks as a second home for vacations. Thank you for posting this inspirational piece. I love it.

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