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  1. Glad you found the Dollhouse as it is one of my favorites and I admire Heather Benning for her creativity too. She gives new meaning to stretching the imagination.

  2. Linda Hartong says:

    People are so creative, I love it

  3. simplybydesign2 says:

     @Sue Housekaboodle  I can’t wait to see that post. I so do admire those who build dollhouses. 

  4.  @House Crazy Sarah It really is thought-provoking and I was thinking you would like it Sarah.  I love dollhouses!!

  5.  @simplybydesign2  Hi Jenny, now, I want to do a post about the dollhouses for little girls!

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    How cool is that? What a sight to behold on the Sakatchewan prairie! And your first photo of that kit dollhouse – I found the EXACT same dollhouse last Christmas at an antique store and gave it to my daughter for a present! (Only it was painted yellow!)

  7. simplybydesign2 says:

    It did not turn out as I had imagined when I first started reading. I love it all the same. Very clever! I can remember wanting to live in my doll house when I was a little girl. LOL… this brought back a bunch of good childhood memories. 

  8.  @Doll in the LookingGlass Your comment makes me giggle about joining me to play in this dollhouse.  Glad you were surprised towards the end because that was part of my plan.  

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