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  1. LOL, not sharing your plate, soo true and I am not sure if I’d like a long tongue licking my face either.

  2. Wow, what a magical place! The manor is gorgeous, and I would love to see giraffes up close, though maybe not sharing my plate. 🙂

  3. I must go there!! Looks like the coolest place ever!

  4. Arod, I did not know some people are afraid of Giraffee’s! I admit I don’t want to be personally licked by their long tongues. I’ve never been close enough to know if they like to lick people like dogs do.

  5. It just makes me so happy you showed the photos to you kids. Thanks for such a great comment.

  6. wow the place looks stunning but my oh my did you see the size of the tongue on that giraffe maybe that’s why they scare me lol

  7. What an interesting place to stay. I love the pics of the giraffes with their head in the windows. My kids thought they were great photos.

  8. Hi Kelly, their long tongues probably get away with a lot of treats at this place. Thanks for stopping.

  9. Amazing! I love to travel and my girls (and I!!) would love this! We were at a zoo once and a giraffe came up to us and stuck his tongue out – we were amazed to see it was black!

  10. Go happy you got the chance to see this amazing place too Nancy. Love your A Joyful Cottage blog and will try to visit more.

  11. Sue, when you said the giraffes come and eat with you, I wasn’t expecting this! Amazing! I can’t even begin to imagine what that must feel like. Thanks for sharing this truly magical place. And thanks, too, for visiting my blog today and leaving the nice comment.

  12. It is one of the best, thank you Carol. I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s better than Disneyland for the kids and Mom and Dad too.

  13. Sue,

    I always love to see the houses you share, but this is the best. I guess I need to put Nairobi on my bucket list.

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