Hobbit House Heaven

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Hobbit House Heaven

You’re going to love seeing this authentic Hobbit House in Wales built by Simon Dale of Being Somewhere. It’s a real-life fairytale house in the woods. Simon Dale and his father-in-law built it by hand with basic tools like a chainsaw, hammer, and chisel.

Some of the Hobbit House design facts are:

  • Dug into a hillside
  • The stone and mud from digging were used for the retaining walls and foundations, etc.
  • Insulated with straw bales in the floor, walls and roof.
  • Fridge is cooled by the air coming underground through foundations.
  • Water by gravity from nearby spring.

Hobbit House by Being Somewhere is a hand-built home in WalesIt’s the cutest, most adorable, I want to knock on the door house on the planet.

I find it hard not to be enchanted. Just look at the twig railing and window panes and wooden shutters.

Now, Being Somewhere has built another hobbit dwelling called The Undercroft. It has all the charm and low-impact design as The Hobbit House. Check out Being Somewhere for courses, building techniques, design tips and more.

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Hobbit House- A genuine Hobbit guest house

A Genuine Hobbit Guest House

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