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  1. Hi Ginger, I have missed you. Spite house tour would be fun. I’ll keep my eye out.

  2. Hi Anj! I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers, but we have not built a spite house yet. I am coming over to see you now.

  3. well i learned something new and who new brothers were as spiteful as sisters i have more sisters than brothers but wow at the ingenious houses some pple come up with

  4. The skinny structures would for sure be hard to live in! You gotta wonder at the level of revenge that make these houses come to life.

  5. Spite fence, love that! Once a neighbor was cutting branches off our tree little by little, so a spite fence would have been great to prevent this. May those neighbors of your move or you for that matter. XO

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I seen and posted on a few of these before! Nothing like a passive aggressive little house! My current neighbor is a jerk and wants to but down my tree so I’m thinking about building a “spite fence” 10 feet high!

  7. It is sad that the houses are built out of spite, but several of them are really cute.

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