The Descendants Movie Houses – Filming Locations, Photos

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The Descendants Movie Houses

The Descendants movie houses and film locations in Hawaii is today’s Movie House post I want to share.  Have you seen the Descendants?  I’ve watched the Descendants three times.  The movie is saturated with beautiful scenes in Hawaii accompanied by loads of Hawaiian music.  Storyline and dialogue in the Descendants are excellent and will lock you in from start to finish.

In 2011, The Descendants movie, won awards galore.  Academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay, two Golden Globe Awards for Best Picture – Drama, and Best Actor in a Drama went to George Clooney.  The Descendants movie is based on the same-named novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings.

THE DESCENDANTS MOVIE PLOT: George Clooney plays Matt King a successful lawyer who is the main trustee of 25,000 acres of untouched land on the island of Kauai.  The land has been handed down over the years from wealthy missionary ancestors.  All his cousins have spent their inheritance from the trust and are broke.  They made a deal to sell the land to a hotel developer.  They have to vote yes or no and Matt’s signature is needed to seal the deal.  Matt has two daughters.  Scottie who is 10 (Amara Miller) and Alex who is a 17-year-old (Shailene Woodley).  Their mother and Matt’s wife Elizabeth has a tragic skiing accident and is in a coma from which she will not recover.

Matt has no clue how to take care of his girls alone.  As Matt’s wife lays in the hospital in a coma, he finds out from his daughter she was having an affair with a real estate agent.  Matt and his daughter begin a quest to find the real estate agent, confront him, and let him know Elizabeth has only a few days to live.

Scottie the youngest daughter does not yet know her Mom will not recover and Matt has to find a way to help her through the tragedy, let alone get himself and his other daughter through it too.

FILM LOCATIONS: Many and maybe all of The Descendants movie locations are authentic and not a Hollywood set.  (click the music link below for mood setting music while you scroll)


The Descendants Movie Houses - Filming Locations, Photos

Matt Kings House:  3849 Old Pali Road Honolulu, Hawaii.  In one of the opening scenes, we see Matt King’s grand house.  The house is in Nu’uanu, Oahu in the hills where it often rains and where people live away from hotels and tourists.  It is where a royal ancestor of Hawaii family like the Kings would likely live.

Back of Matt Kings house movie scene the Descendants

The rear of the house screen shot movie scene.  Matt is trying to find a way to tell Alex her mother is dying.

George Clooney kitchen scene the Descendants

The Descendants, George Clooney in the kitchen of the Nu’uanu, Oahu house preparing breakfast.

the Descendants running scene
Running scene screen shot the Descendatns

Matt running to his friend’s house as soon as he finds out about Elizabeth’s affair. He needs to know who it was she was having an affair with.

The Mitchell house - the Descendants screenshotThe Descendants movie Mitchell House: 155 Dowsett Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii.  The friends, Mark and Kai Mitchell, plantation-style home that Matt is running towards.  The Mitchell house in real life belongs to Tiare Finney who allowed the filming on her property.  The Finney’s goat Poppy greets Matt as he arrives movie scene.

Poppy pygmy goat -the Descendants

The Goat: Poppy is a pygmy goat that lives in the Finney’s front yard and got to be part of the film.

Descendants - Mitchell house interior

Mark and Kai learn Elizabeth is will not recover from her coma scene.  The film used the homeowner Finney’s actual furniture and art on the walls.  The owners even saw their family photos in the background like on the refrigerator.

Brian Speer house

The Descendants movie Brian Speer’s House: The turtle house address is 4328 Papu Circle, Honolulu, Hawaii.  The house where Matt’s daughter spied her mom and Brian Speer together.  Matt and Alex don’t know what he looks like or how to find him yet.

Turtle house neighborhood

Brian Speer Turtle house neighborhood.  I would not mind waking up here.

Brian Speer real estate agent sign

Hello, Brian!  Now Matt and Alex know what Brian looks like and how to find him.

Kipu Kai Ranch the Descendants movie scene
The Land screen shot

The King Family- The Descendants movie Land:  The land is actually the Kipu Kai Ranch, a 3,000-acre private cattle ranch owned by the missionary-descended Rice family.  Hollywood films have been shot here before including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Mighty Joe Young, Diamond Head, The Hawaiians, and Islands In The Stream.  There are ATV tours available for the public showing their wild boar, pheasants, peacocks and the cattle.  The tours also include the ranch scenery and locations of where scenes of movies took place.

Brian Speer green vacation cottage

The Green Brian Speer Vacation Cottage:  5031 Weke Road Hanalei, Hawaii.  The house Brian Speer and his family rent while on vacation and where Matt and Alex confront him about his affair with Elizabeth.  The house is a Nalu Beach Cottage on the island of Kauai, HI that rents for $750 per night or $5,000 per week.  Since I could never afford to rent a cottage at this price, all I could do is peer over the hedges at it like Clooney, I mean Matt King, does in the scene below.

George Clooney in the Descendants

Matt King peering over the hedges as he finally discovers and sees Brian Speer for the first time is a hysterical scene.

state park Hawaii

The beautiful aerial view of the lush green mountains are in Kauai along NaPali coast.  It is a 6,175 acre state park where many movies have been filmed including “Jurassic Park.”


Just one of the many breathtaking beautiful scenes from the movie.

Funeral screen shot Descendants movie

The heartbreaking funeral where Scottie can’t bring herself to help spread the ashes…mom is gone now.

The End Descendants movie

After The Funeral: They made it, it’s over…..Dad, Alex, and Scottie curled up on the couch together under the blanket Elizabeth had on her hospital bed watching “March of the Penguins.”  You know they are going to make it as a family, bonded and closer than ever.


Source credits: Location Hub, The Nui, Hanalei Land, JerryGarrett Garrett On The Road.

Photos: Screenshots the Descendants.References: The Descendants Novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings.

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