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Homeland Season Two (2) is finally back on and there is another TV House I want to talk about from the Showtime TV series.  The house I am referring to is Carrie’s sister’s house where Carrie is now living in Season Two.  BTW Homeland just won six Emmys, so add it to your lineup for Sunday night asap.

But first: You would think with the current world events going on I would not want to watch this show and you would be correct normally, but not for this suspenseful, don’t know what is going to happen next cuz Carrie is crazy TV show.  I am appropriately OCD for Homeland.

Homeland's Carrie gets shock treatmentSeason one catch-up.  Last season left us with the horrible scene where Carrie gets shock treatment for her Bipolar Disorder that is out of control.  Remember where right before she gets zapped she says “Isa, he knew Isa, don’t let me forget.”  That was a great cliffhanger to leave us with because what she says is important and when you get shock treatment your memory is erased.

Homeland TV Show CarrieHomeland season two opening has Carrie living at her sister Maggie’s house after her shock treatment as she builds her new life as an ESL teacher and Not a CIA intelligence officer anymore.  (She got fired for being whacked out – we can’t have our CIA officers running around all crazy).  Of note, Carrie’s sister is conveniently a psychiatrist and it’s a good thing too since Carrie and her father both are Bipolar.

Homeland kitchen scene season 2Kitchen scene shows inside of house where Carries is living now with her sister Maggie and her family and her Dad; both pictured above.  I have stalked the internet to find out where this house is in real life and have not found any information on it yet.  If you know anything about the house’s location I would be happy to hear from you.

Homeland TV show Carrie's bedroom Carrie’s bedroom – she does not have her own place anymore.  I like the scroll work on the lamps they use in Carrie’s bedroom.

TV show Homeland Brody's houseA close up look at the Brody house exterior and the kitchen below.  See my  Season One post TV House on Homeland for more on this house.

Homeland TV Show by Showtime

Homeland TV show porch sceneThe porch of Carrie’s new residence (her sister’s house).  The CIA needs Carrie’s help and she is meeting them on the porch to find out what they want from her.

Homeland TV show scene season 2David Estes, Carrie’s old boss (Director of CIA Counter-terrorism Center) asks Carrie to help the CIA with an old contact of hers and needs her to go on a mission.  O-la-la…Carrie love-a-mission, but can she handle the stress?

Homeland TV show house sceneSee, nice house!  This is her sister Maggie’s house I was trying to find the filming location of. **See below.

This scene is where Carrie comes home after the mission where they tried to rid the world of the evil Abu Nazir – guess who warned him (Abu) – oh yes – evil Brody himself.  And to think that Abu used to be such a fun name to say – remember it from the Seinfeld episode?  Abu,,,,, Abu.

TV Show Homeland TV show houseCarrie slowly walks to go inside and so we get a more detailed look at the steps and porch.

Homeland TV ShowThe front door.

Living room Homeland TV show scene The living room where Carrie is not so happy to be home after her exciting mission.

The Emmy award TV show HomelandOn the mission Carrie had grabbed a satchel last minute and stuffed it with paperwork from the house of Fatima Ali – her contact- and Saul finds a memory file concealed in the satchel that they had overlooked.

Homeland TV seriesSaul is stunned when he sees what is on the memory file.

Homeland TV seriesFinally, Saul is going to know that Carrie was right!!!  It’s about time folks.  Here is what evil, trader, Brody says on the video and then the show left us hanging, so we will have to wait until next week to find out.

“My name is Nicholas Brody and I am a sergeant in the United States Marine Corp.  I have a wife and two kids who I love. By the time you’ve watched this you’ll have read a lot of things about me, about what I’ve done.  That’s why I wanted to explain myself, so that you’ll know the truth”……

So that’s it so far.  I can’t wait until next week to see if or how Saul tells Carrie about the video and to see what deeds Brody commits against the United States.

Again, if you find out anything about the Maggie Mathison house let me know and I myself will keep stalking it. **

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**  UPDATE:  I heard  from a reader who thinks that the Maggie Mathison house is located at 614 Clement Ave Charlotte, North Carolina.  Now that Carrie has moved back into her apartment I will try to do yet another post on Homeland featuring her apartment.

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