A Visit With George Clooney

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A new show out called Person To Person aired.  The hosts were Charlie Rose and Lara Logan.  They featured a visit with George Clooney at his home.

George ClooneyA Visit With George Clooney: Welcome, Come on in.  

What a great first guest!  George’s home is in Studio City which he explained was initially part of Universal Studios, but they downsized and homes were built on the vacant land.  Cool to know George!  Above is one of the first shots of the inside of his home where he has lived for almost 20 years as he bought the home in the early 90s.

Leaded glass door entrance to Mr. Clooney's house

I love this leaded glass door he has. George Clooney won a Golden Globe this year and is up for two Academy Awards, airing on February 26th, for The Descendants and Ides of March.  I have not seen either of them yet, but I better get to it!

George Clooney house tour

As the camera was panning around I noticed that George has a lot of books around his home including this office area.

Celebrity George Clooney house tour- the kitchen

Mr. Clooney said “Come on into the kitchen.”  He said it like he was talking to all of us; I like that about him.  

Refrigerator with glass door

The host’s asked George what he had in his refrigerator.  Love this refrigerator with glass doors.

Mr. Clooney house tour

George said he made a New Year’s resolution to eat better and has someone who drops off salads for him to eat.  So there is not much in his refrig, but he no doubt inspired many to start to eat better too.

A look from the kitchen into the dining room - House Tour - Clooney

A look from the kitchen into the dining room.  They asked George what a house means to him and he said “A house is where you live and a home is the place family and friends are part of.”  I liked that answer.

George Clooney

A cozy basketball court for friends and family to come over and play.  Got to have play time.

George Clooney

He was walking around with that cup and my brain said it was coffee, so I had to stop and make some too before I continued on.  He joked with the host that it was Vodka.  He got the Kennedy memorabilia framed on the wall from hearing about someone clearing out their garage; you just never know what you are going to find in someones garage.

George Clooney

More books as he moves into another room, plus all the books on the table in the background.

George Clooney

His bar.  One thing about George Clooney is that he has maintained friendships he made 30 years ago when he first arrived in Los Angeles from Kentucky.

George Clooney

He explains that the lower picture is of the original rat pack and the photographer who took that picture retook the Oceans Eleven crew standing in the same positions.

George Clooney

Cozy family room with orange chairs that are a standout.

George Clooney

Stepping outside of family room to deck area.

George Clooney

Bar with pool in background.

Extensive wine collection built into stone walls - Clooney house tour

Extensive wine collection built into stone walls.

Screening room complete with a popcorn maker

His screening room complete with popcorn maker.  George says he loves watching movies, and likes the movie industry, stating that it is an exciting business to be a part of.  He says that this is a good time in his life and he has a great appreciation for the fact that he has caught the brass ring, but understands it is temporary.

Einstein is his dog that was rescued

George Clooney’s dog’s name is Einstein and he got him at a rescue.

George Clooney

My dog’s name is Anya and she would love a play date with Einstein.  How about it George?

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