Fantasy Floorplans of Popular TV Homes

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Fantasy Floorplans

Fantasy Floorplans are a piece of art to hang on your wall that visitors will talk about long after they have gone  home.  Fantasy Floorplans are by artist Brandi Roberts who has been drawing fictional TV homes for over 30 years since she was seven years old.  Imagine being seven years old and already starting to do something you will end up doing for a living? 

Of course her TV show Fantasy Floorplans got me excited since I am someone who often blogs about TV shows.  For me, what Brandi Roberts does is extraordinary and I hope you are as intrigued by her as I am.

A reader inquired about the Huxtable’s home in a previous post I did about Mark Bennett who draws blueprints of classic TV Homes, and yes, Brandi Roberts Fantasy Floorplans does have The Cosby Show/Residence of Clair & Cliff Huxtable the 1st and 2nd floor!

Brandi’s floorplans span from the 1950s up to current TV shows like one of my favorites the Revenge show residence of Emily Thorne.  She has also done The Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother residences, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Two and a Half Men, Mad Men Betty and Don Draper home including the Sterling Cooper Offices (second photo below) and Bachelor pad, and Dexter apartment and home.

Fantasy Floorplans of Popular TV HomesWhat’s your favorite show?  There are so many Fantasy Floorplans TV shows to pick from that as you browse her site you will want to take your time.   How about Cheers/Sam Malone, Laverne and Shirley Basement Apartment, or Little House on the Prairie.  All of the Desperate Housewives Residences, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and yes again to all the Friends apartments.

How far back in television history do you want to go?  The Mary Tyler Moore Show Apartment of Mary Richards with its famous step down into apartment and step up to dining room.  The Waltons (seen above), I Dream of Jeannie, and Leave It To Beaver.

Mad Men Offices by Brandi RobertsAll of Brandi’s Fantasy Floorplans are reproductions from her original work.  Your blueprint will arrive printed in blue ink like an authentic blueprint, printed on archival, matte paper with fade resistant inks, packed protectively, and ready for framing.  It also comes with information about the drawing/TV Show.  They “are head-turning conversation pieces on the wall of your home or office.”  The fantasy blueprints come in sizes 8.5 x 11 up to 13 x 19 and sell starting at $45.00

If you order Monica and Rachel Friends Apartment Fantasy Floorplan, here’s an example of some of the darling information that is included with your TV show blueprint.

“Welcome to the floorplan for Monica Geller and Rachel Green’s New York City apartment. It features two bedrooms and one bath. This hip, rent-controlled apartment features chef-grade appliances in the kitchen. In the living area, you’ll find an aubusson area rug and vintage posters. There’s a great rooftop balcony the gang uses to BBQ and spy on Ross. And remember the framed peep-hole on the door — it’s on the floorplan too.”

See what I mean, this is phenomenal!  Fantasy Floorplans are a great New Home gift, Newlywed gift, Birthday gift, or anytime gift to give that is unique and a conversation starter.  Her blueprints have been featured on “NBC’s the Today Show, newspapers the National Post (featuring The Seinfeld show), The Kansas City Star, 24 Hour Magazine, the Vancouver Sun, and numerous blogs and websites.”

I am trying to make up my mind on which TV show blueprint I want.  I am considering Desperate Housewives Susan and Mike Delfino’s house as their house was always my favorite on Wisteria Lane or maybe the Seinfeld Residence Apartment of Jerry Seinfeld.

Check out my Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane post to see the Delfino house.

Here is Brandi Roberts Fantasy Floorplan link.   Be sure to look around and find her “To-Do” list too as your favorite might be listed there awaiting its debut.  If you’re a TV show buff like me or have a favorite show, which Fantasy Floorplan TV show blueprint do you want hanging on your wall?

Thank you Brandi Roberts for allowing me to feature you.

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