Stickney Mansion in Illinois is Haunted

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Stickney Mansion in Illinois is said to be a haunted house.  News reports say “over the years, two men who carry a badge and gun” have quit their jobs over the supernatural events.”  That may be because the Stickney Mansion is now where the Village of Bull Valley and its police department are housed.  Yipes, I wouldn’t want to work there.

As early as 2005 the Bull Valley Police Chief, Norbert Sauers, described paranormal happenings at the Stickney Mansion.  He said the village employees have heard noises that defy explanation like hearing footsteps in the upper ballroom that is used for storage.

Why is hearing footsteps in the ballroom creepy?  The original owner George Stickney had a belief in spiritualism.  He went so far as to build the mansion with no corners so spirits could roam about and not get caught in corners.  There were no 90-degree angles between walls.  Fast forward and today the only round corners are on the exterior.

Stickney Mansion in Illinois is Haunted

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It’s creepy hearing noises coming from the storage room because George Stickney and his family held seances on the second-floor ballroom.  They had ten children and only three survived into adulthood.  Having seances may be how they tried to communicate with their lost children. 

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Police Chief Sauers reports footsteps heard in the stairwell, hearing human voices and flushing of toilets when one is alone in the house.

I hate it when I am home alone and hear an unexplained noise.

It’s not just the police and city employees who have heard noises.  Previous owners of the mansion since the Stickney’s lived there have also reported strange unexplained occurrences.

Now here is the worst of it!

“The Chief said he has also personally experienced objects moving around on his desk, lights turning off, doorknobs turning and a door opening, seemingly by themselves.  Voices from thin air, having once heard a shout in his ear when no one was around him.  Another police officer in Bull Valley claims to have come face to face with an apparition of Stickney’s father-in-law.”

Now I understand why two officers quit!

Any spirits roaming the Geroge Stickney Mansion have it good as the mansion was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

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