Halloween Decorating Idea

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 Front Porch Halloween Decorating Idea

Halloween Decorating Idea is just the shortest post I have ever done.  Sharing my sister’s creative Halloween decorating idea. Sandra turned her porch into spooky land rather cleverly.

Cute lighted pumpkins welcome little trick or treaters, but once they pass cute they enter onto the dark spooky porch.

Black birds.

Too many black birds, black like the night.

Flying around

and sitting on her porch railing

chilling the spin

There’s a ghost guarding the door.  If little ones are brave enough to knock, candy will appear.

Creeps me out that this Halloween decorating idea includes a bat in the corner and pray no real bat lurks on the porch.

I wonder if those black ominous looking chairs are safe to sit upon?

Real birds nest on the left wall where an old window frame hangs.  Leave it to Sandra to add or just happen to have some authenticity in her Halloween decorating idea.

Halloween Decorating Idea - Awesome black birds and bats with a front door covered in gauze that makes a scary ghost So Boo!


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