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  1. i love a good scare would so want to visit all three thanks so much for sharing

  2. Hi Dana, I’m glad you had fun even though you’re a scaredy cat too like me.

  3. A 1700s Inn and it’s haunted- Priceless! Since you’re not afraid of no ghost, you can be my Ghost Hunter.

  4. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    I’m a major scaredy cat and your post is too close to home as Illinois borders Missouri. I’m staying away… far away!
    You are so creative, Sue!! Great, fun post.

  5. Very interesting stuff Sue! I’m one of the few that isn’t afraid of ghosts. There’s an Inn we go to often for dinner up the road that’s haunted, or so they say. It is very, very old (1700’s I think). Rumor has it a couple was going to get married but the bride backed out and the groom killed her then killed himself.

  6. Next year, tell me about the houses in your area to showcase Crystal.

  7. This is so fascinating. There are many haunted houses around the world. I know of many houses in our area that get classified as this.

  8. Eeek me too Heather. I am not as brave as I used to be and don’t want to stay overnight in these places except for Hotel Baker, I’d stay there for sure.

  9. These sound so interesting! I use to be a huge haunted house fan, now Im kind of a baby lol. I think I could watch on tv but I dont know if I could be in the houses. Eeek

  10. Yes, Jenny and Donnie got married there and Mark Wahlberg did not attend.

  11. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I’ve heard of 2 of those three…. and yes, my old house is haunted!

  12. I would love to take of tour of those! I’ve never done that before I bet it’s a blast! I didn’t know Jenny got married there wow!

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