Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

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Haunted Places in Illinois. Do you believe in ghosts?  What real haunted houses or haunted places like a bridge or cemetery have you visited this year.  I get chills up my spine and fear in my heart just hearing about all the haunts every October.

Here are three Haunted Places in Illinois.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois 1. The Stickney Mansion.

Read all the spooky details about the Stickney Mansion here. In a nutshell Mr. Stickney had a big belief in the spirit world and held a lot of seances with his family on the second floor ballroom. He built his home with no corners so spirits could roam and not get caught in corners. No 90 degree angles can be found between any walls.

Stickney and his wife had 10 children, but only 3 lived. I think they held seances as a way to contact the children they lost.  The mansion is now a police station. Two policemen have quit their jobs because of spooky events like hearing noises and footsteps coming from the old ballroom seance room.  Yipes! Click to read the whole story here.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois 2. Allerton Mansion.

The mansion has a prim and proper woman dressed in white who haunts the house and grounds.  She is seen putting on her hat and gloves and walking in the garden. Creepily, everyone who stays there hears footsteps pacing outside their door and when they check there is nothing there.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois 3. Hotel Baker.

Hotel Baker in St. Charles, IL is where Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg were married this year. Jenny McCarthy’s roots are in Chicago. Wonder if she told Donnie Hotel Baker is haunted?

Reports are of strange moaning sounds coming from the sixth-floor storage area where employees used to stay. The tale is that in the 1970s a hotel chambermaid who was left at the alter committed suicide by drowning herself in the Fox River the hotel borders.

There are a lot of weddings at Hotel Baker. I’ve attended two weddings there and love their famous floor that lights up like a rainbow.


Black Scaredy Cat - Happy Halloween

A scary house to see is:

Villisca Ax Murder House Haunted by Evil

Sources: Haunted Places dot org and Scout me

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  1. I’m a major scaredy cat and your post is too close to home as Illinois borders Missouri. I’m staying away… far away!
    You are so creative, Sue!! Great, fun post.

  2. Very interesting stuff Sue! I’m one of the few that isn’t afraid of ghosts. There’s an Inn we go to often for dinner up the road that’s haunted, or so they say. It is very, very old (1700’s I think). Rumor has it a couple was going to get married but the bride backed out and the groom killed her then killed himself.

  3. This is so fascinating. There are many haunted houses around the world. I know of many houses in our area that get classified as this.

  4. Eeek me too Heather. I am not as brave as I used to be and don’t want to stay overnight in these places except for Hotel Baker, I’d stay there for sure.

  5. These sound so interesting! I use to be a huge haunted house fan, now Im kind of a baby lol. I think I could watch on tv but I dont know if I could be in the houses. Eeek

  6. I’ve heard of 2 of those three…. and yes, my old house is haunted!

  7. I would love to take of tour of those! I’ve never done that before I bet it’s a blast! I didn’t know Jenny got married there wow!

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