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Hobbit House Heaven

Hobbit House Heaven You’re going to love seeing this authentic Hobbit House in Wales built by Simon Dale of Being Somewhere. It’s a real-life fairytale house in the woods. Simon Dale and his father-in-law built it by hand with basic tools like a chainsaw, hammer and chisel. Some of the …

Please Come See My 7 Unusually Cool Earth Homes

Please Come See My 7 Unusually Cool Earth Homes Earth..the final frontier! I mean berm homes and cob houses and other stuff like that. Please come see 7 unusually cool Earth Homes for Earth Day 2015. It’s not easy being green 

House Sampler

House Sampler today.  Everyone is so busy with Thanksgiving plans, including me that I am behind posting.  House sampler today are some houses I have had my eye on and not had the chance to explore. House sampler #1 is a Hobbit house recommended by my Facebook friend Cris Haskell. …

A Genuine Hobbit Guest House

Genuine Hobbit Guest House  A genuine Hobbit guest house.  More Hobbits my friends because I have Hobbit fever or Hobbit destiny.  I somehow stumbled upon this hobbit guest house and found it irresistible.