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  1. Is that the Earthship with the cow grazing on the roof? That one cracked me up photo-wise.

  2. I love almost all of these…especially the square ones that look kind-of Frank Lloyd Wright-ish. And the scenery is beautiful!

  3. Giggling on the cows on the roof too, so fun. Up on the housetop click, click, click. Thanks for the feedback on the share buttons and I made them smaller now. They are something I am experimenting with so let me know sometime if it is better now or not. Have the nicest weekend.

  4. Not only are these homes super interesting, but the land on which they reside is for the most part, stunning! And seriously, cows on your roof? Now THAT’S what I call a conversation piece! lol

    (I’m not sure if it’s my iPad, but your social sharing buttons are blocking some of your content on the left side of the screen.)

  5. The Japanese and the Earthship, gosh yes! I did fall in love with those especially the Earthship.

  6. Suzie@homemaker-mom says:

    I think number 5 & 6 are my favs!

  7. Thanks for your visit and comment and I was thinking the exact same thing about wondering if they could hear the cows and sheep walking on the roof.

  8. These are all cool looking homes. I like them a lot. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. There was a huge buzz about building with straw for the insulation – I haven’t heard much about it in awhile. I wonder if the owners can hear the cows on the roof? I’ve always wanted to tour one of these! Fun post.

  10. I was thinking these earth-friendly homes must cost a bundle with all the special excavating.

  11. I like the Earthship Farmstead and the grounds are lovely. Those are surely some interesting houses for sure! And yes, it’s not easy being green indeed! Can be expensive too!

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