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A Genuine Hobbit Guest House

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Genuine Hobbit Guest House 

A genuine Hobbit guest house.  More Hobbits my friends because I have Hobbit fever or Hobbit destiny.  I somehow stumbled upon this hobbit guest house and found it irresistible.  

 The other Hobbit house post features the Hobbit houses from There and Back Again the The Hobbit movies, a house built into the ground and a low impact woodland Hobbit house.  This is one of the most unique stone cottages you will ever see.

Hobbit Guest House:

This is called Hobbit House by the above architectural firm, out of Philadelphia, and is only one example of their work.  It’s one of the most delightful structure I have ever seen.  

Features of the Hobbit Guest House:

Rickety hobbit fencing.
Stone fencing or rock formation.  Per the Archer & Buchanan Architecture, “The stone is a Pennsylvania field stone. Almost all the stone for this house was collected within the property.”
Lovely setting, just astonishing how it’s nestled.  I can just see hobbits and gnomes walking along the path.
The tiled detail above the windows.
Per the Houzz site, the details around the windows are “stucco with fragments in the same materials used in the house.”
If I came upon this in the glen, I would for sure know this is where Mr. Hobbit lived.
Per a Houzz comment: “This is a butterfly window made of mahogany, and so named because it looks like the wings of a butterfly when opened.  And stemmed from Tolkien’s sketches and descriptions of hobbits preferring windows with a view of the woods.  There are semi-circle halves in the window that open from a center hinge.”  
The roof is so unique with its curves.  I am learning this is an eyebrow roof line.  
Close up of the hinge is full of details.
Hobbit guest house front door.  Let’s go inside.
This is so charming at every turn.  I am just looking around and admiring everything that the architects and owners of this hobbit guest house created.  It’s a fairy tale place.  Imagine yourself as the guest.
Quote from “The Hobbit, There and Back Again: “Bother burgling and everything to do with it! I wish I was at home in my nice hole by the fire, with the kettle just beginning to sing!” It was not the last time that he wished that!” (2.24)
Perfect Hobbit library shelves set low under the window tickles my fancy and so does the craftsmanship of the arches entering the room.  
Per Archer & Buchanan, when asked “What do they use this house for?”  “The owner is an avid collector of J.R.R. Tolkien books, manuscripts, and artifacts.  They wanted a cottage-like setting based on Tolkien’s writings, and imagery of a home for a Hobbit.  They use it to display their collections and a quiet sanctuary for solitude and contemplation.”  
All photos credits to: Photographer: Angle Eye Photography
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