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  1. So cool that you live in NY! Let me know if you see Brad and Angelina setting up housekeeping on the island. Two turkey dinners… you win for best hostess.

  2. Hi Sue – how interesting! I have to look up Petra Island. I live in NY…have to check that out. People really have a lot if passion about homes – including the weird and the wacky!

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I did too. This year I had two of them – yesterday we hosted a turkey dinner for my two daughters and their families because they couldn’t travel with my husband and I to my stepson’s home upstate NY on Thursday.

    So – back to blogging work!


    PS…if you didn’t read Cheryl’s Thanksgiving post…head over there. It was funny!! Loved it!

  3. Did not know about Demi Moore and Bruce Willis buying a town and will have to look that up. You are my wealth of knowledge friend.

  4. Love Craigslist for their wacky, their wonderful, and their sometimes good deals.

  5. My husband told me about that town for sale the other day. It reminded me of reading about Demi Moore and Bruce Willis bought a town,


  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Very interesting – all three of them! The darndest things pop up on Craig’s List!

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