House Sampler

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House Sampler today.  Everyone is so busy with Thanksgiving plans, including me that I am behind posting.  House sampler today are some houses I have had my eye on and not had the chance to explore.

House sampler #1 is a Hobbit house recommended by my Facebook friend Cris Haskell.  Thank you Cris.

House Sampler

As featured on Mirror, it’s a Hobbit style, eco-friendly home hand-built from scratch by Michael Buck who used an ancient technique to build it called cob house.  Cob houses are made of earth, clay, and straw dating back to prehistoric days.  He taught himself how to do the thatched roof and built the home using natural and recycled materials.  Interesting is that he says with upkeep it could last a very long time, but if left alone it would just disintegrate returning to the earth. 

House Sampler #2 is a Ghost Town.

Ghost town bar Seneca, CA

Did you hear about the Ghost town in Seneca, California listed on Craigslist for $250,000.  It has been getting a lot of attention by all the major news outlets.  The town consists of a bar, three rundown cabins, and the land; liquor license included with new ownership. When the bar, as seen above, is open it is the social hub of the area.  The Ghost town is in a very wild and remote location.  A generator for power.  The water pipe connects to a spring and uses a propane tank for refrigeration.

This is your chance to buy your own town.

House Sampler #3 is a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

FLW house Petra Island

I was not at all surprised to read on Curbed that Angelina Jolie bought an island for Brad Pitt for his birthday since it has two Frank Lloyd Wright homes on the property.  I remember reading Brad Pitt is a lover of architecture; so Angelina is gifting him something close to his heart.  Ridiculous that it’s on an island, but for the price of 12.2 million this seems pretty inexpensive for the likes of these two superstars.  An island seems the right fit for the size of their brood too.

The most interesting thing is that one of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses is newly constructed from plans Wright drew up and is reported to be one of his very best. Located on Petra Island close to New York City; 15 minutes by helicopter where the home has a landing pad.

That’s it, short and sweet.

~ Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day ~

References as above and Private Islands Online.

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