FUN with DICK and JANE movie house

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Fun with Dick and Jane movie house sadly is not a real house, but a suburb constructed of 12 houses with only front facades and one functioning house that were built on an abandoned Marineland of the Pacific theme park in California. – Wikipedia.  That is interesting in itself.

It’s Friday, the day I like to do movie houses.  Hollywood is make-believe land, so let’s look at and talk about the pretend FUN with DICK and JANE house.  Here it is, below, as it appeared in the 2005 comedy.  See Dick and Jane‘s house.

house in Fun w/Dick and Jane movie

Fun with Dick and Jane stars funny man Jim Carrey as Dick Harper and delightful Tea Leoni (Cameron Diaz was originally to be Jane, but had other obligations) as Jane Harper.  Dick and Jane have little Billy Harper played by Aaron Michael Drozin and Spot the dog of course.

The original characters from the Dick and Jane school readers were Dick, Jane, Baby (or Sally), Mother, Father, Spot, Puff the cat, and Tim the teddy bear.  See Dick and Jane at the end of this post to read more about it.

See Dick and Jane live in suburbs

Dick and Jane are living a nice life in the suburbs in a large house with two nice cars and a nanny for their son Billy.

scene from Fun with Dick and Jane

Then one day Dick is promoted at his work, Globodyne, which convinces them that now is the time for Jane to quit working to spend time with Billy.

Tea Leoni movie scene

But he was only promoted to be a fall guy for Globodyne’s demise due to the tanked stocks and pension funds supposed evaporation, aka “Enron.”  Now after one day of being promoted, Dick has no job.  Oops, too late, Jane already quit her job and is off to Billy’s school as an involved parent.

Jim Carrey movie scene

It’s the first day for Dick being home with no job.  Bored, he practices jumping off the stairs and landing in the chair.

Jim Carrey Fun w/Dick and Jane

Dick keeps calling for job openings and the companies keep telling Dick to quit calling.  There are no jobs.

Fun with Dick and Jane house

Jane: “Dick we are in a bit of a pickle.”  They have no more money left is what Jane tells Dick who is on his way to apply for a job that everybody and their brother are also applying for.

Movie scene from Fun with Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane get their grass repossessed.

Grass repossessed Fun w/Dick and Jane house

No grass, no garbage pick up, no running water or electricity.

Beater car for Dick and Jane Harper

No pension, jobs are hard to find, and no home equity, Dick and Jane are now poverty-stricken.  They resort to trading their car in for a junker……

Fun with Dick and Jane

They pay their Mexican nanny in appliances, sell their big screen TV, and resort to trying to get money by Jane being a cosmetics guinea pig and Dick trying to work as a laborer with the Nanny’s illegal Mexican friends.

Fun with Dick and Jane movie

See Dick fall apart at the seams.  Dick wants his grass back and runs around stealing grass bit by bit from the neighbors.

Dick and Jane Harper

See Dick and Jane rob the Head Shop.  Unable to find jobs, Dick and Jane resort to robbery when Dick tells Jane that if they don’t come up with some cash and fast, the house is going into foreclosure.

Movie Fun with Dick and Jane

Turns out, Dick and Jane are pretty good at being robbers.  They are beginning to get their life back.  Dick tells his neighbors he is playing the stock market and doing well.

Dick Harper is indicted

See Dick get indicted.  He runs around screaming “I’m going to be indicted, indicted, indicted.”

Alec Baldwin in Fun with Dick and Jane

See Dick and Jane get revenge.  Dick, Jane, and Frank come up with an idea to get everyone’s money back.  Dick finds out from Frank (the former Chief Financial Officer) that Jack McCallister actually siphoned all of Globodyne’s assets,dumped the stock, and is going to stash $400 million in an offshore account.  All they have to do is intercept the transfer of money and substitute it with a fake one.  It all falls apart until Dick gets McCallister’s signature on a check for $1.00 that McCallister writes after he finds out what Dick and Jane are up to.  The signature lets Dick and Jane fake the transfer of money and they get all the money back to distribute to the laid-off Globodyne workers.

movie Fun with Dick and Jane scene

Dick and Jane are wealthy again.  They have a nice car again and their lifestyle back.  But what’s this?  As they are driving along in their happy ending a friend in the Bentley tells them about a new up and coming company he is working for called “Enron.”


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