Colored Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

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Large appliances like the washer and dryer and small appliances like the stand mixer are infused with color more than ever before.  Colored appliances have been around for a long time, but not like they are today on small and large appliances.  Take the washer and dryer for instance.  When I walk into a store like Sears and see the new front-loading colored washer and dryer, the only thing I think is that I MUST get rid of or give away my current washer and dryer to make room for these beauties.

This is a look at colored appliances big and small such as the washer and dryer, ovens, mixers, coffee makers, and blenders including name brand appliances like Electrolux, Maytag, Frigidaire, Sears, Viking, Aga, Bodum, Cuisinart, and Kitchen Aid.

aqua electrolux washer and dryer Electrolux turquoise is especially refreshing when bordered by white.

Frigidaire Glacial blue washer and dryer

Frigidaire Glacial blue. There is also platinum ice and arctic white finishes available.  In my mind, the laundry room will never be the same now that there are front-load machines.

Sears burnt orange washer & dryerSears burnt orange. Color is not the only reason these washer and dryers are popular; it is the new front-loading units with storage drawers that we want, and then comes the eye-popping colors available that make your head swirl.

red washer & dryerRed washer and dryer is a bold choice.

Blue washer & dryerblack washer and dryer





Frigidaire blue and black.  The darker the appliance the more scratches and dents will show up.

Electrolux kelly green washer and dryer

The latest greatest Kelly Ripa Green (Kelly green) Electrolux washer and dryer.  I am hooked on Electrolux, not because I know that it is the best, but because I love the commercials.  When it is time to get a new washer and dryer, I will seek out the best, but hope it will be Electrolux because then I will be instantly proficient, just like Kelly, who is just like Bewitched and there is nobody faster at housework than Samantha on Bewitched.

Viking burgundy rangeViking appliances from ranges to refrigerators are available in about 15 colors starting from their classic red to a new burgundy seen above.

Aga pistachio colored rangeAga ranges also come in 15 colors including the beautiful pistachio above, a golden yellow, and racing green.

appliances Now for small appliances.  Bodum’s appliances including a juicer, drip coffee maker, hand mixer and coffee grinder lets us know we are in for more choices than ever before in small appliances.


Soft pink coffeemaker











Soft colored espresso machine in blue and a Cuisinart pink coffee maker.

Pink toaster

Soft pink toaster with some of the proceeds donated to breast cancer research.

Kitchen Aid custom painted mixer

A marvelous appliance artist Nicole Dinardo at un-amore paints custom Kitchen Aid Mixers to match her clients personality or request.  You can use your own mixer or she has them on hand to choose from; either way, you’re getting something extremely special and I think this mixer or any hand painted, custom mixer would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

KitchenAid Brazil Wonder Woman stand mixer

Get ready to be in awe of this Kitchen Aid Brazil Wonder Woman mixer that screams volumes to the baker who is using it and to all around her.  It say’s she is the hostess with the mostess.  It says she is the best and the strongest.  Appliances are superheroes and do a lot of the work for us, so this is fitting.  It’s not your mother’s kitchen mixer.

rock and roll stand mixer by KitchenAid

Rock and Roll is here to stay mixer by  Kitchen Aid Brazil.  I think these are limited edition mixers.

KitchenAid stand mixer Bug

Kitchen Aid Ladybug design.

Peace and Love KitchenAid mixer

Peace and Love design.   These Kitchen Aid Brazil designs are not sold in America yet.  I am trying to decide which one I would choose, I want them all.  Imagine if an artist painted a front-load washer and dryer, say in the peace and love design above . I wonder how that would look on large appliances?  Would Frigidaire or Electrolux or Maytag come out with limited edition refrigerators and washer and dryer?  That would be great to see, but impracticable on such large items.  It is already too difficult to blend in larger colored appliances, but it is kind of fun to think about anyway.

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