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  1. The word adorable came to mind as I was reading and admiring the photos. I really like that porch and could imagine sitting out there with visitors, chatting. That beam really is an eye sore.

  2. I did think about the heat there a little, so thank you for the plus 1 that is also has a very desirable shaded lot.

  3. That is hysterical Stephanie, but I am right with you on wanting this little jewel.

  4. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    Another gorgeous house, Sue!!! I have family who live in this area of Texas. Need the shade for the extreme heat. It’s beautiful with the sun shining on the front of this house… and that bathroom!!
    x Dana

  5. Such a cute cottage. I live in the country and would love this sitting on our property. Thanks for sharing.

    Shannon ~

  6. This is definitely my kind of house with all its little extras including oh yes please, the garage apartment!

  7. Yes! I vote for Mom Caves for all us women! You could put all your dishes in there Candy.

  8. ok im calling the master down stairs mine did you see that tub stunning and the grounds awesome and the room by the garage definitely a craft room lol

  9. This lovely home is pure charm. From top to bottom I love it. The mom (or dad)cave is a super bonus that I would love to have in my next home.

  10. Lovely! From the porch to the built-ins and so many of them! So quaint.
    ~ Robin

  11. Thanks Carol for also mentioning the light switches and crown molding.

  12. Homes today just don’t have the wonderful detail like this historic house. I love the built ins, crown molding, medallions surrounding the light switches and of course the wonderful curb appeal of the turquoise with red.

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