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  1. I am so happy you found these gems. I had a great couple of days in Racine taking photos of these. Some were hard to get a photo of because there was so much traffic. So glad you stopped by!!

  2. Such unique and interesting houses! I especially love the first three. Gothic houses are so photogenic 🙂

  3. I think I remember now that you live in the upper north of Michigan, but I was in the upper peninsula area.

  4. Hi Justin M, it is so neat to hear this took you back to the good ol days. Thank you for such a nice comment, have a great rest of the day. I am showing more homes tomorrow and the next day from this area too.

  5. I really admire that Greek Revival home. Something about that small window above those stately columns give the home a unique look.

    So, you were in Michigan and didn’t look me up…


  6. It was such a joy to stumble upon all these houses and I was reading there is a section in town that has historic cottages that someday I will go see.

  7. These houses are all right next to each other, each displayed strongly a oh, look at me, across from big Lake Michigan.

  8. Great houses.

    The last one, the white house, reminds me of my grandmother’s house in Portland, Oregon. The steps and porch were my favorite feature at my grandmother’s.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    uh, LOVE ’em! Those are some stunning homes Sue! I’m surprised that they date so early – I did not know that WI was settled by the 1840’s!

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