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  1. Well, I can see why the neighbors don’t like it. Personally, I think it’s pretty hideous inside and out. Nothing against castles but even some rich people have really poor taste.

  2. I thought about how difficult it would be to keep clean and you’d need a weekly team so of course if you can afford a home at this price you hire teams to clean and for upkeep. You are so right it would be a great place to hold events.

  3. Hi Crystal. If I won the lotto I would not build a castle, but is is fun to think about. Unlike Europe, the US doesn’t have old world Castle to tour so this Castle is great to have here.

  4. Yes, that is what I think about…who will buy it and why. I would love to know too.

  5. Oh yes, too funny Doreen on the pizza delivery guy. There is a much smaller not even close to this castle kinda house on the block behind me and it took some getting used to.

  6. totally worth a trip to Connecticut to see this beauty thanks so much for sharing

  7. I have mixed feelings about this place. I can understand it being out of place since it’s located in a ‘normal’ neighborhood, but on the bright side whoever lives there won’t have to worry about the pizza delivery guy not being able to find your house.

  8. Well, I think it is totally cool, but I know I wouldn’t like to live in it or pay for the upkeep.

    I assume that the other properties near it are spread out because that castle must have lots of land surrounding it. It would make a good event venue.

  9. I love it!! I would love to have this in my neighborhood. I personally would want to go in it a lot. I can see the controversy behind it though.

  10. I’m speechless. Imagine living in that? The inside is majestic. I often wonder about the folks that built it and what it must have been like living in it. I wonder who will buy it. Keep us posted if it sells too. I would love to see who bought that masterpiece!

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