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  1. I went to New York once and experienced the massive crowds. I can totally see myself living in a cottage up on the rooftop of a building like this house.

  2. WOW! I have never been to New York I would love to see this. I am in love with the brick walls inside. Gives it such charm. What a nice find!

  3. If only I could live there, me too. I’d have a riot living in the city up on a rooftop.

  4. Love that you used to work in the area and have seen the rooftop cottage in real life. I want to adopt your idea that in the next life my lineage holds real estate like this that I inherit-LOL

  5. OMG those brick walls I’m in lust. What an awesome home Sue. Thanks so much for sharing the peek inside with us. Now if only I could live there.

  6. I used to work right over there for years. Love that area. That penthouse is stunning. Seething with jealousy lol. Everything about it an architectural dream! In my next life, I’m hoping to be born into a family that owns that lol.

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