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  1. Sometimes you are hard to please, so happy you like the pool and kitchen.

  2. I’ll take the pool and the kitchen. This had to be a fun house to be in for sure.

  3. I only noticed one kitty so I had to go back and look. Sunken living rooms seem so cozy to me too. Coming over to see your latest.

  4. You had me at the enclosed “Red Brick Turret” entrance. I love the living room, especially the two little kitties on the landing. I love the look of the sunken living room too.

  5. O my gosh I love that house. I love the guest house too I could live in just that! lol

  6. Thanks Carolann,always love your visits. I know you would do some great redecorating inside this Brady Bunch house.

  7. I love the pool area! I already saw myself redecorating lol. Wonderful house! It has tons of potential!

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