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  1. Hi Kaitlyn, it’s the kind of beach cottage dreams come true are made of. Thanks for your nice comments.

  2. This is a nice looking beach cottage! These are great beach decor ideas. The bathroom has such a relaxing, beachy feel! The porch is nice, too!

  3. That is a really nice looking beach house. I like how it has a metal roof, that way it can help keep the home cooler! Plus, it’s really durable so it shouldn’t get as many leaks as quickly as other roofs.

  4. Hi Drew, This coastal cottage is a popular house and the porch is definitely for relaxing.

  5. This is a beautiful home. Relaxing is an understatement for sure.

  6. I’m having fun on Twitter lately and you’re one of the reasons why.

  7. lol yes I never did – they remind me of my aunt who had everything yellow…made me nuts lol.

  8. Thanks so much and interesting you don’t like the yellow vanities.

  9. That cottage is adorable. I would definitely change the bathroom vanities though…lots of potential for sure. Love the porch! What a great house to vacation in too!

  10. Hi Kat! So happy to hear from you. I’d love to retire in an easy care little cottage like this one for sure. Nothing too big to care for is ideal.

  11. I love this cottage! Especially that porch! What a great place that would be to retire to.

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