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Kristie Alley’s Cottage For Sale In Isleboro, Maine

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Kristie Alley’s cottage in Isleboro, Maine is for sale.  She’s been in the news lately starring on Dancing With the Stars and just before that she had a reality TV show called Big Life which was hysterical and about her career and weight loss struggle.

 I admire Kristie Alley for putting herself in the public eye concerning weight; she has a lot of guts.  She has indeed lost a lot of weight.  I don’t know if “Kristie Alley’s Big Life” show is coming back this season or not; has anyone heard?  Here’s a look at her cottage in Maine that is for sale. Her home is listed for $1,990,000 with 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 3,140 square feet.

Kristie Alley's Cottage For Sale In Isleboro, Maine

Kristie‘s cottage is on 16 acres with oceanfront views, guest quarters…..

Kristie Alley home in Isleboro Maine for sale

 Dock and beach.

Kristie Alley cottage for sale - the dock and beach
Kristie Alley cottage in Isleboro Maine on the market

 Kristie Alley’s cottage on the inside is like a fairy tale….

Kristie Alley House in Maine

 Cottage fairy tale decorating throughout the house.

Kristie Alley House - Dining Room
Kristie Alley House - Retro Style Kitchen

 A retro 50s feel to the kitchen with pink and older style refrigerator.

Kristie Alley House

 You really know you are at the cottage.

Kristie Alley House Bedroom
Kristie Alley's house
Kristie Alley's house in Isleboro Maine Bathroom

The lamp, vase, and plate on the wall all match.  These seem antique.  I am looking at the chandelier in the same blue.  Pinch me, is this all real?


Kristie is eccentric, yes, she must be eccentric.  I don’t care, I still like her and am on the fence about the decorating, but Kristie’s house with its location is super.  What do you think?  I had a great time doing this one, but it is time to say Goodbye to Kristie Alley’s cottage.  Have you ever seen a cottage decorated like Kristie Alley’s before?

Kristie Alley

January 2012.  Kristie Alley is looking hot for being in her 60s.

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