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  1. I think I’d spend my time bowling and having you over to do a Retro Tablescape for me.

  2. Considering the grandness of this home I think the price is perfectly reasonable. I don’t know where I would spend more time at, the marvelous bowling alley or rocking on the front porch.

  3. Plus I adore old or new coca cola and cafe diner decor. Thanks Carol.

  4. Wow! What an amazing house and how fun it would be to have your own bowling alley.

  5. You are so right Carolann. I’d stay home more and have loads of parties if I lived here.

  6. Well she truly is a beauty. I was surprised at the price. I would have thought it be much higher for all that amazing property! I don’t think I would go out much if I lived there 🙂

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