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  1. This is not a prime example, but I thought it was pretty darn cute. Coming over to see your “Christmas Mess.”

  2. I have never seen French quarter style houses. Very different, but very charming.

  3. I am thrilled to know you liked this one. Thank you so much and have a great weekend.

  4. I love this sweet home. How cute for someone to add their own charm to this unique cottage. I am loving this one Sue. Thank you for sharing an historical gem.

  5. If I ever have the money to do that I would hire you to decorate because I love your home.

  6. Oh, to live in the French Quarter and decorate that little cottage.

    I would love to have the money to own multiple homes in great locations and to decorate each in its own style.

  7. So happy you liked this little house too and its courtyard and fireplaces. I want to collect them like you do your white milk glass.

  8. love everything about this listing and ive been to la and totally loved the people so this is definitely on my wish list oh and that courtyard and the fireplaces swooooooon thanks for the tour Sue

  9. I am loving french quarter house styles, so different.

  10. The quarter is just full-up with little gems like this! It may be a fixer-upper but I’ve seen plenty in worse shape! Maybe a weekend home?

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