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  1. Hi Fabiola. You are the winner of the giveaway! You will receive an email from Cutting Edge Stencils soon so be on the lookout.

  2. All those stencils are so beautiful, hope to win one. One of my favorites is Tea House Trellis Allover Stencil. Thanks for the giveaway. Your pillow came out beautiful.

  3. Hello Sue, sounds great! It’s a tough task to select perfect pillow that matches with home decoration. But after reading your blog I felt so relaxed. Your blog is really very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog.

  4. I love your post! I was browsing Cutting Edge’s photos and saw your beautiful pillow. What great colors! I am dying to try the mandala gratitude stencil on a pillow, a wall, and even my front porch! I think it is so beautiful and I bet using different color layers would make it perfect for any spot. Plus, always a great reminder to be grateful!

  5. Shiela Cerulli says:

    I love Stencils. I am impressed with the pillow project. That would be y list next. For now I want to stencil my daughter’s room. My favorite from Cutting Edge is the Chevron allover. Thanks for the opportunity to join the contest!

  6. I love, love, love this pillow. And I choose this pillow set in the exact same colors. My mom is crazy about birds, too. My plan is to WIN this wonderful set and make it with her to have in her assisted living apartment! Wouldn’t she be excited? Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial.

  7. Thank you and I hope you entered to win a stencil then Carol. I was thinking about you just last night about your little cottage and all your furniture you paint and your colors.

  8. I stencil a lot of pillows because I like having just the right color, design and shape that I want.

    Your pillow turned out great and I love that chair.

  9. This is beautiful Sue!! It matches your home perfectly. Those birds are too cute for words, and the fact it is all one kit is even better. Love this project!

  10. Oh my gosh Sue! This is gorgeous and they have so many designs to choose from. I love the Damask. That is the one I chose and it was super easy to make. It really does match perfectly with your decor. Nice job as always!!!!

  11. Such a great tutorial! The bird cage pillow is so cute! Glad I stopped by! If I were to choose a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil, it would be the Butterfly Dance Wall Stencil! Thanks for the awesome project and fun giveaway!

  12. Thank you so much for the compliment Carolann, you made my day saying it looks stunning. These paint a pillows are great and I am so happy to have a new pillow to display.

  13. Oh Sue, I just love this pillow. You did a stellar job! It matches perfectly with your decor which I am so in love with. I will have to try one for sure. What a stunning job you did!

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