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  1. That is such a stunning home. I love the pool of coarse and the bedrooms are spacious. There is just so much natural light in that house due to all the windows. I wouldn’t want to have to clean them ha ha.

  2. Oh yippy! I love Tudors, Victorian, and Ranch style. I couldn’t just narrow it down to one lol. I would say Ranch being my fav of the three, but I adore Victorian too. Thanks Sue!

  3. Love your comment to “pack a suitcase and move right in.” I am so often drawn to traditional type homes like a Colonial too. Let me know your favorite house style so I can feature one for you.

  4. I love him as an actor. He was great in the Office. What a beauty of a home. I love the decor too. I can pack a suitcase and move right in there as is! What a lucky couple that ends up with this house!

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