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For Sale: Christina Aguilera’s Beverly Hills house

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Christina Aguilera has a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills that is on the market for $13.5 million dollars.  

Guess who the previous owners were? None other than the Osbourne’s, so this is an iconic house to have if you want to take it off of Christina’s hands.  Christina put it up for sale just after her split from hubby, Jordan Bratman.

This luxurious Mediterranean-style mansion is eccentrically decorated as you will see.  The Voice coach’s style is not for me or even probably you, but that is what I like about Christina.  

For Sale: Christina Aguilera's Beverly Hills house

It’s pink, pink and I don’t think I would buy a pink house, but as I gaze at the photo above I do like the entrance door with the ivy growing around it and the balcony above.  It has that- this is where a celebrity lives look to it- that we expect.

Christina Aguilera house

Attention-grabbing entrance.   What has it got…. red, black, pink, and lavender.  The red is so Christina to me because it pictures in my mind photos of Christina with the red lipstick she so often wears.  The red chandelier is like Christina kissing you hello.  I am getting carried away here now aren’t I?  Well, this place is made to carry you away to another place.  Let’s go to Beverly Hills…………………

Christina Aguilera house has 10,000 square feet, 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, a gym, gameroom, gift-wrapping room, movie room, beauty salon, a guesthouse with a recording studio, pool with a water slide and grotto spa, and pagoda for fun and entertaining.  All on a gated and private celebrity estate.  It’s sitting pretty at 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

Christina Aguilera Beverly Hills house

Black, white, and red again.  I am gonna call this the Zebra room.  Don’t ya love a look at a star’s home.

Christina Aguilera's Beverly Hills house

Christina’s drapes have that shiny, crinkly look.  What kind of decorating style is this considered?  Gothic, eclectic?  Many a sit down dinner took place here I imagine.

Gimme that merry-go-round horse! Christina’s father is an Ecuadorian-American (Ecuador is in South America), and her mother is Irish and German, and her maternal grandmother was Irish, Welsh and Dutch.

Christina Aguilera's Beverly Hills house

Double refrigerator and freezer maybe, and double ovens.

Dressing room

Christina red and pink along with a red chandelier.  A lovely round pink ottoman to sit upon.  You have to love the dressing table area that mirrors a salon.  A couple of racks of clothes to browse through and an animal print rug for your bare feet to paddle across.  It’s filled with famousness.

 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

There’s another signature Christina red chandelier.  If your favorite color’s red, you are outgoing, vigorous, impulsive, optimistic, and is usually chosen by people with open and uncomplicated natures with a zest for life.  Red is the color of strength, health, and vitality.

 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

Purple, gold, and white.  I am calling this the Polka Dot bedroom.

Red bedroom

Christina is a very fun person.  Which of the two bedrooms shown do you like?  I think this is in the guest house with the recording studio.

 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

A room to come home to after winning a Grammy.  Christina has received five awards, four Grammy’s and a Latin Grammy.  She has also been nominated for a Golden Globe Award.  She has Gold Awards, Platinum awards, Multi-Platinum awards and the list goes on!  What is your favorite Christina Aguilera song?

Recording studio

Recording studio.  Good house for another singer to buy.

Christina Aguilera home for sale in Beverly Hills

Fun children’s room for Max, Christina’s son, who turned 4 on January 12th, 2012.  Christina took him to Legoland to celebrate.

Game Room

Super game room complete with fireplace and cozy couch.

Media Room

When you’re done in the game room, relax and watch a movie.  The drapes on the wall give it a true theater look.

Christina Aguilera house for sale

Highly decorated complete with chandelier.

 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

There are 9 bathrooms in this celebrity hideaway.  Did Ozzie Osbourne take a bath here too?

 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

Christina no doubt threw a lot of parties here.  I’m gonna take a nap on that big bed.  Night, night!

 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

Party is at 7 p.m.  Hope to see you there!

 513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

Custom made Pagoda.

513 Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, California.

What a great view of this Celebrity pool.

Update: I am trying to figure out if this is the house Christina is using on The Voice, or if it is a different house.  

I can’t tell by the TV shots on The Voice.  Does anyone know?  The trim on the outside of the window trim of the house shown on The Voice does not match the window trim (white) shown on this house, but I am still on the fence as to whether or not this is The Voice house.

Credits for Christina’s house photos goes to Daily Mail  and Zillow

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