Blueprints of Classic TV Homes by Mark Bennett

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Ever since I did a post about the classic TV Dick Van Dyke Show I have wanted to share with you about author, artist Mark Bennett who spent years drawing blueprints of beloved Classic TV Shows.  His book available for purchase is “TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes.”  He has drawn blueprints of The Mike and Carol Brady House, Leave It To Beaver, The Patty Duke Show, The Jetsons, I Love Lucy, Family Affair, The Flintstones, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Laverne and Shirley to name a few.

Mark Bennett is not alone in this attempt to immortalize beloved TV shows. Brandi Roberts is an artist who has also been drawing exciting TV home blueprints called Fantasy Floorplans.

Mark Bennett’s famous detailed blueprint drawings of classic TV shows can also be found at the Los Angles County Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art and he has been “coined a master of nostalgia and social evaluation, acting as “the most earnest of his generation of West Coast artists drawing on popular culture.”  

Blueprints of Classic TV Homes by Mark Bennettvia Amazon

The back cover of the book shows the Ricardos’ address for the I Love Lucy Show was 623 E 68th Street, Apartment 30, but per, 68th Street in Manhattan only goes up to 600, which means the apartment was in the middle of the East River.  Well, this is fantasy folks, but the blueprints of the TV Shows are for real and exact as seen in the shows with Mr. Bennett occasionally needing to take liberties drawing in rooms never seen on the shows to make a complete house.

Mark Bennett also wrote the book How to Live a Sitcom Life that is about how to solve daily problems in life using your favorite television personalities as your role model.  Each section in the book offers helpful hints on issues like caring for a pet, buying a car, and domestic issues per the wit and wisdom of Mark Bennet, TV junkie style.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the book and see my beloved TV Shows house floor plans come to life.  There is another person that does this kind of TV Show blueprint drawing that I will be featuring in a future post, so stay tuned.

Sources: Mark Moore Gallery


Fantasy TV show blueprints

See the Fantasy Floorplans too!

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