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  1. Great post Sue. Love looking at blueprints.

  2. I got a great giggle from your “watching the show just to see my lamp.” I do that too on many shows. Stay tuned to tomorrow for the Frazier Show blueprints Jenny as I did a post about where to get that blueprint.

  3. I loved the Brady Bunch house! Those stairs in the living room were amazing. I would love to get my hands on this book. There are a few other favorite sitcoms houses I would love to see as well, Frazier is one that comes to mind. There was a lamp on that show, that I would love to get my hands on. I sometimes wondered if I was watching the show just to see my lamp. LOL

  4. I am going to do another post about a woman who also does this too.

  5. And I can’t wait to read your blog after you read the book. Blue print for TV show. So cool!

  6. Thank you Miss Sue! I love peeking in windows- just ask my kids (I hope they don’t start a blog about ME! Uugh!!)

  7. Thanks Michelle, I loved your wolf story today.

  8. Michelle Liew says:

    I would like to see the blue print for the Huxtable’s house too. Miss that show! Thanks for sharing!

  9. The Graffiti of Time is awesome.

  10. I will. Actually- I have a few already posted on my blog. I’ll have to back and send you those links.

  11. I wonder if the other company I plan to do drew the Huxtable’s house. I will have to try to remember to check it out.

  12. Hi Cheryl, so happy to meet you too actually. If you have a nice house story, let me know.

  13. Hi Ruchica, the blueprint is from the book itself that is for sale on Amazon.

  14. Well thank you for pinning me! So flattered. And, may I say I’ve found a kindred spirit in houseaboodle- I LOVE HOUSES!!!! ANd I’ve had so many. Some day I’m going to have to blog about that. In the meantime, I’m following you. Keep up the great posts!

  15. This is cool. How did you get hold of this blue print?

    I always imagine how creativity rolls when planning a show and then designing the floor plan with it.


  16. I want to see his drawing of I Dream Of Jeanie bottle.

  17. House Crazy Sarah says:

    That is fascinating! Thanks for sharing – I love looking at floorplans, even for imaginary movie houses!

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