See-Through Glass House Designed by Carlo Santambrogio & Ennio Arosio

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I’m excited to show an ingenious glass house designed by Italian architect Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosiso that is a concept house with transparent stairways, walls, and ceilings.  They built the glass house to showcase their line of transparent furniture called Simplicity including a bed, sofa, bookcases, tables, and bathtub to list a few.

There are no visible walls or doors to interrupt your view in the glass house.  I like my privacy way too much to live in a glass house, how about you?

But, even if a house with walls and doors had a glass bathtub in it, I would not want to use it.  I am too stuck in my ways to be adventurous and consider using all glass bookcases, tables, or tubs.  All that comes to mind is the glass breaking and the obvious amount of Windex-like products to keep it clean.  But, I do understand the idea of see-through furniture taking up no visual space, no interruption of lines or bulk.  Small spaces would seem larger.

See-Through Glass House Designed by Carlo Santambrogio & Ennio ArosioThe cubed three-story glass house has a beautiful blue hue.  The obvious shoes off at the door applies, but where is the front door?  

Santambrogio Glass House StairwayTheir glass steps are like stairways to heaven.  The house would be a great place for the next 007 movie or a CSI crime scene with fingerprints found all over the house.

santambrogio glass house bedroomLooking down you can see the sofa on the lower level.   I am not a fan of minimalist living.  I like my creature comforts, and I like my privacy.  Would you, could you live in a glass house?

Glass tub in Glass HouseTheir bathtub filled with floating candles would be pretty.  Cleaning is the obvious elephant in the room.

Santambrogio Glass House Dining room tableBreathtaking unobstructed views.  There is no denying the beauty of their work.  This concept house is merely that though, as there is no plumbing visible for real life living.  Lying on the bed and gazing up at the stars on a clear night or watching snow fall would be an experience to not soon forget in this glass house.

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