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  1. It’s pure eye candy. I think you have not only Holiday cards, but any kind of card and I do think it is a great collection along with great dolls of course.

  2. Sue, such amazing views of the exterior landscape from any spot you elect to sit in this home. But would you need to wear sun block on days you stay indoors? Lovely to look at but not a spot I would choose to live.

    Thanks for stopping over and leaving the sweet comment about my St. Patrick’s Day vintage postcards. I do have quite a few holiday postcards … but they don’t take up a lot of space. You can store a significant number in an empty shoebox!


  3. I am so excited Cheryl! You so deserve an award! I am checking in with you everyday now on a regular bases as you are a favorite of mine now. I’ll be there bright and early.

  4. Hi there! I just got nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award (my first award!) and have listed (and linked) you as one of my favorite bloggers. Hope you don\\\’t mind. The post will be be published monday. Hope you check in.

  5. Hi again Abigail. Cool comment and I am coming over to read you again.

  6. I would love to tour this house. Living in a glass house though? No way. I mean, unless I somehow had my own private island… but even then the smudges on the walls would probably drive me insane in two seconds.

  7. That is crazy! It would be fun to look through, but I don’t think I’m a fan, otherwise!

  8. Thanks Katie, love the hop.

  9. Katie (Dysfunction Junction) says:

    Hi Sue!
    Thanks so much for lining up with us at the “Linkin with my ladies” Thursday hop! We still have new blog’s linking up if you want to stop by and check them out. Following you on Twitter.
    Thanks again!

  10. House Crazy Sarah says:

    brrrr….. it just looks like you would freeze your butt off in there! No heating? brrrr…..

  11. All my domestic mind thinks about is Windex.

  12. Mr. Clean will clean the glass. I love the look of the house too.

  13. The first thought that comes to mind…is who will clean all that glass? It really is such an amazing concept.

  14. Hi Linda, glad I added a giggle to your day.

  15. Linda Hartong says:

    Great post and I got a laugh from your commentary

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