French Country Cottage

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French Country Cottage because if I had to pick a favorite, French country cottage would be at the top of the list like this home on Houzz.  The cottage is listed under landscaping by Wheat’s Landscaping who call this French Country cottage project of theirs, Summer’s Garden, I call it magnificent.

French Country Cottage The whole house and landscaping are full of noteworthy features like the color of the trim and shutters at the entrance.
Window boxes with topiatry shrubs
The house is gift wrapped in landscaping.  The upper window boxes with topiary shrubs in them also boast flowers blooming in season.  
Boxwoods in front yard of cottageI wish there were photos of the interior.  Boxwoods growing in sync labyrinth style.
The pool

Summers garden ~

cream-colored stucco on cottage

Soft french country cottage stucco color blends so well with nature it is as if the house grew out of the ground.

french country patio and pool design
I think the roof is slate.  Planters spilling with blooms adorn the property.
Summer's Garden Wheat LandscapeNice close up of the stone wall and stepping-stones.
french country cottage

French country cottage flaunts a pool carved into the landscaping perfectly.

Landscaping design ideas
The trim color haunts me to know the exact name and brand.  I am thinking of it as a muted sea green.  What color do you think the trim is?  From the pitch of the roof to the dormers, shutters, and window boxes, I love it all.    

Source for all photos Wheat’s Landscape Architects and Designers on Houzz.

French Country house

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  1. Hi Alicia. The stone exterior and window and shutter colors are all so pretty aren’t they. This is a house featured on the site called Houzz. If you’ll click the link on this post titled, Wheat’s Landscape Architects and Designers, you can ask them questions on there. or even click to their site on there too.

  2. Hi Gracey, I adore this house and the landscaping. Very glad you found it and let us know if you build a house like this someday.

  3. How did you get in my dreams to get the exact plans for this place? W o w!!!! xoxoxoxoxoh!

  4. Beautiful! That roof is very intriguing – I wonder what it is made of?

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