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  1. Hi Alicia. The stone exterior and window and shutter colors are all so pretty aren’t they. This is a house featured on the site called Houzz. If you’ll click the link on this post titled, Wheat’s Landscape Architects and Designers, you can ask them questions on there. or even click to their site on there too.

  2. Do you know the exterior paint colors?

  3. You can look on Houzz for this house, just click one of the photos on this post and it will go to Houzz.

  4. How can I see the floor plan for the French Country Cottage?

  5. Hi Gracey, I adore this house and the landscaping. Very glad you found it and let us know if you build a house like this someday.

  6. Gracey Radford says:

    How did you get in my dreams to get the exact plans for this place? W o w!!!! xoxoxoxoxoh!

  7. Wow!! Love this home!!! Esp. the trees and yard that surround it!

  8. When I win the lotto I will buy one like it for you Jenny.

  9. I am speechless at the sight of the lovely cottage. It is like something out of my dreams.

  10. Sue, my heart melts over this country French charmer!


  11. Hi Linda, glad you like it especially since your middle name could be “charming cottages”.

  12. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Beautiful! That roof is very intriguing – I wonder what it is made of?

  13. Oh, my!

    That is one beautiful house. And, I didn’t even see inside.

  14. Linda Hartong says:

    How charming. I especially like the shutters on the entry

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