Ranch-Style Home with Curb Appeal

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Ranch-style home with curb appeal is in California on a corner lot.  Baby it’s getting cold outside and I look to warmer climates for comfort.  This sprawling ranch with photos likely taken in summer is a ranch of inspiration with personality.

Ranch-Style Home with Curb AppealStone wall, natural colored exterior, bay windows, white picket fence, and mountains in the background; this ranch-style home has some extra charm and curb appeal going on.

Front porch home-shoot-homeCharming front porch

Charming ranch in CaliforniaFront yard with close up view of white picket fence and landscaping.

A wonderful fireplace The fireplace mantel in the living room is one reason I started to look at this house.

Green colored kitchen cabinets The colored kitchen cabinets are the same green as the trim on the house, but they have some kind of etching or glaze on them or they are old and the paint is flaking off.  If you can tell, let me know.  The older kitchen countertops look like they would be hard to keep clean, but the fact that they are white looks good with the cabinet color.

colored kitchen cabinets in ranch kitchenOpposite view kitchen shows the breakfast nook and no island.  I have a few posts about colored kitchen cabinets and the green color painted on these cabinets is the first I have ever seen.

Master bathroom with large mirrorMaster bathroom also has a bathtub as seen below through the master bedroom.  It’s cute and cozy like a cottage and the large mirror stretching across the vanity is fabulous.  Notice the vanity has legs.  Again, older style tile countertops, but nice shape on the sinks.

Master bedroom from Home Shoot HomeMaster bedroom is small, but I’m still loving this ranch-style home.

view of back yard Back yard view.  There’s those mountains again.

Pool from Home Shoot HomePool with no pads on the chaise lounge chairs, so maybe these photos weren’t taken in the heat of the summer.

ranch house as viewed from the streetRanch-style home as it looks from the street.  I love the look of the exterior of this charming sprawling ranch and its landscaping.   

Source:  Thanks to Home Shoot Home.  All copyrights and images for this ranch belong to Home Shoot Home and there are many more interior and exterior views of the ranch at the link above if you want to see more.

P.S. This ranch-style home ended up starring in an HBO TV show called Family Tree you can read about here – Houses on TV – Family Tree on HBO

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