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  1. Really Doreen, you used to live near this home?! What a small world. I’m happy you got to see inside now and I so appreciate your visits and commenting.

  2. Doreen@househoneys says:

    I used to live a few miles from this house, and always heard about it but never saw pictures. I’m going to click over and see how much it’s selling for. Maybe I can break open my piggy bank

  3. I like the kitchen too. Nice to see a kitchen that is warm and not all white is how my daughter put it when she saw this kitchen.

  4. I think it’s neat that it’s shaped in an X. That has to make it easy to give directions. I like that kitchen it reminds me of the one I had in the house I was going to buy before Del and I got back together this time.

  5. My sister found this one and I am still amazed at the design idea of the four houses stuck together.

  6. Can I move in too please? lol wow…the whole house uh…mansion is amazing! Speechless really. Can you imagine living there? I think it has it’s own zip code! Amazing find!

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