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  1. Hi Carol. I love your cottage. I went to Laguna once long ago and loved it. I am heading over to check your blog again now.

  2. A favorite relatives’s Laguna Beach cottage is why I live in a beach cottage today. I savored every visit we made to Laguna and vowed one day to have my own beach cottage. Our cottage is closer to the water than the Cozy Corner Beach Cottage, but our little town of Ventura does not have the cachet of Laguna so we can live here for less than $1 million. There are many million dollar homes on our lane, but they aren’t cottages!

  3. If those cabinets look like yours, I luv em! I went to Laguna Beach once.

  4. I adore Laguna Beach and this would be my dream house – though redecorating is definitely in order! Those kitchen cabinets look suspiciously a lot like mine!

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