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  1. Nice to hear from you today Yvonne. I don’t know for sure. I think that something like Minwax is more for a topcoat after staining wood and using a wax of some kind like I did is the way to go after painting wood. However, just make sure to check if the Minwax is compatible with the paint you use would be the answer.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I was just wondering if I could use something else other than the wax? Can I use a water base polycrylic for a finish instead?

  3. Hi Susan and thank you very much. The flowers are real. I had a certain look in mind and with the help of the florist it turned out beautifully.

  4. Love your “new” table and chairs. And I love all your flower arrangements. Just wondering if they are real or just look real. I have a hard time arranging my own.

  5. Hi Gloria, I am happy to hear from you. I used Savogran TSP heavy duty cleaner to clean my table because that is what we had in stock and I used it on my piano too. I liked it because you do not have to rinse it off. As for the top of your table, I am thinking it all depends on the look you want. Just doing the (only the top) can look really nice and doing the edge and apron will let people see the color from a distance. As for prep, I did not do anything other than apply my paint with doing 2 coats and applying a wax. You could do 3 coats OR you could get a prep paint to cover first and then apply your color of paint. Wishing you a great rest of the week.

  6. Gloria B. Tulip says:

    Love the results of your paint job. How much preparation was necessary before you began the paint work; that is, how did you prevent a bleed-thru? I left an oak table very similar to yours turned upside down last winter on a porch and actually when I did right the table, there was damage to the top – an area of about one foot. Now I have to do something to this table and was thinking about making only the top a different color. But now after seeing what you did, I may copy your idea and redo the whole table. If I do only the top in a color, do I also do the edge of the table top and the apron?

  7. Hi Pam, it is nice to hear from you. I used a product we have in stock called Dirtex and there are other fine products on shelves for cleaning wood. Just don’t use anything with a coating. What I like about Dirtex is that it does not need to be rinsed off. I recall Dirtex is available through Amazon.

  8. Hi I was showing my husband the beautiful transformation of your table and chairs. We are thinking of doing ours and was wondering how you went about cleaning them before you painted them? Any help would be appreciated, never done anything like this before

  9. Hi Barbara and it is nice to hear from you. So far, I don’t have any trouble with marks being left on the table.

  10. Barbara kirby says:

    Beautiful. I was wondering how cleaning the table top is. Does anyone objects that are placed on it leave marks?

  11. Hi Kim, I cannot express how much your kind words mean to me and you made my week! Have a great day today too.

  12. Now this is what I call refreshing! I love everything you did with the table, especially that table runner and the vase. You’re talented! Keep up your good work! Happy holiday Sue!

  13. Fabulous makeover. The most beautiful part of the decoration is flowers placing on the table. Looks stunning.

  14. Hi Kimberly. I am happy to hear from you and that you like my table and chairs transformation, it made my day today. I bet your set will look stunning after you do it.

  15. Awesome Minnie that you’re going to paint your table set now too. Thank you so much for the compliments today. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Minnie Scott says:

    Love the way you choose that shade ! So nice, it makes your dining room extremely vintage !
    Thanks for sharing the project Sue, gonna save it and try with my table set at home soon !

  17. Minnie Scott says:

    Omg the table and desks look so stunning ! Love the shade of them, so vintage and it makes the dining room more beautiful !
    Thanks for sharing this makeover Sue, i just saved it and gonna try it soon with my old table set at home !

  18. Kimberly Hawkins says:

    Hi Sue, I was so excited to find your painted table and chairs! I’m going to try it with my tradition old set. I had no idea I could do it without sanding! What miracle is this!? Ps. I used your picture of the closeup vase as my background picture on my computer. It almost looks like it’s actually sitting on my side table :-). Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  19. I am so happy to hear from you Suzie. You made my day with such a nice compliment. So nice to hear you painted your chairs.

  20. Thank you my friend. Visitors call it cottage-like or farmhouse so your description chic makes me happy.

  21. Big thank you Susie. I think doing the table really set the rooms tone and now I know I’ll have fun finding decorations and more furniture for it.

  22. Thank you so much Michelle, this is our first time using chalk paint and we like how it turned out.

  23. Hey Sue!! I love your new set! It is so much cheaper to just repaint and old beloved set. I just did not myself with at least my chairs and it made all the difference! Your room is simply stunning!

  24. Wow Sue I cannot believe that is the same table and chairs. I am in love with these colors and it just turned out so nice. I love it.

  25. Wow! What a difference! The wood was pretty, but so heavy for the room. The colors you used gave the set a fabulous new life. The room looks like a breath of fresh air. Congrats on an absolutely lovely transformation. XOXO Susie from Chelsea Project

  26. This transformation is simply stunning Sue! I am drooling over the colors. I love your table and chairs they look so chic! What a great job you did. I just love it!

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