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  1. Hi Carol and I’m so tickled to hear from you. Oh your little garden house – she shed – is the most wonderful place too.

  2. Hi Julie, You made me smile with the sucker for delicate lace too remark. I have to come over to see you.

  3. It’s all so pretty, Sue. That runner is gorgeous – I’m such a sucker for delicate lace. I really love the sweet little tray with clear cases, too. You will use that over and over!

  4. I love that little tray with vases. It reminded me that I have something similar out in my little garden house and I need to bring it in to use for spring.

  5. You gave me a huge smile with your compliments especially about have a good eye for matching and staging decor. Have the nicest rest of the week Carolann.

  6. You made my day today. Fresh, fun and springy is a delightful comment. Thank you so much Susie.

  7. Totally love the vases in that galvanized container. Love the buds, too! It’s fresh, fun, and so Springy. And I really must check out the assortrment of table runners. The lace one you showed is beautiful. Well done.

  8. Oh my gosh, Sue. I am in love with it all! The flowers and vase are stunning! The table runner is divine and looks perfect on your table. I love the string lights too. What a beautiful arrangement. You have such a good eye for matching and staging your decor! I am seriously in love with it all!

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