House In The Clouds

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House in the Clouds.  “The fairies really own this house, or so the children say.  In fact, they all of them moved in upon the self-same day.”  I found something quite interesting called The House In The Clouds that is in the township of Thorpness in Suffolk, England.

It was originally a water tower and the towns’ residents did not like how it spoiled their landscaping, so a house was built around the water tank in 1923 to make it look less ugly.

House In The Clouds

House in the Clouds

House in the Clouds Suffolk Tourist Guide

The tank served the community until 1977 and then in 1979 the tank was removed from within the inside and is now a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house that is available to rent for a minimum 2-night stay.  Talk about a tree house, this house is the mama of all tree houses.

House in the Clouds

Suffolk Tourist Guide

House in the Clouds has:

5 floors listed under accommodations.  No elevator, but 67 stairs with 4 landings and 3 half-landings with resting seats, and a spiral staircase on the 5th floor to the upper gallery.

Thorpeness village is a holiday town originally built for people to experience life as it was when England was Merrie England, per their online travel brochure.  The house was designed for Mrs. Malcolm Mason, a writer of children’s books, who christened it “The House in the Clouds” and is the author of the poem above.

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  1.  @AmyChvala You are so fun Amy, but I understand the fear and why.  Glad you LOVED IT!  Sharon who commented below you lives by you and she told me about the one in Sunset Beach – such a Small World sometimes. 

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. There is one in suset beach and we drive by it whenever we go that way along pch. I would be scared of both of them as I have a fear of heights but at least there are many quakes in england…..right? lol

  3.  @sharongreenthal Exciting, the Sunset Beach house is full of modern features and it is taller at 85 feet.  My niece lives in Huntington Beach now so I am going to talk to her about it.  

  4. Amazing! We have a house like that in Sunset Beach, near where I live, which people can rent for vacations:

  5. I love that house! (House on a stick??) Puts a smile on my face 🙂

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