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Tuscany Villa in Livorno Italy For Sale

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A Tuscan Villa in Italy.  Read the below description with the lyrical voice of one of the  House Hunters International voice narrators in your head, that’s what I’m doing and it’s as if the narrator is speaking the words below, I can hear it!

Sometimes I want to slap the narrators for their snarkiness, but I do hear that voice when I read the below line, so humor me and do it for fun…..

♫ Stunning villa with two separate apartments and private terraced areas, for sale in idyllic location in Livorno, Italy. ♫

The TV show House Hunters International is a favorite of my family and I’m currently recording some episodes to do a post about one of their shows.  One show in particular that comes to mind is the Mom and daughter who want an apartment in Paris and they buy this teeny, tiny place to live in to enjoy Paris.  I am still thinking about that episode because I didn’t like the apartment they bought.

Tuscany villa in Italy

Meantime, I found this villa for sale in Italy to satisfy my Tuscan appetite.  I know… it’s pink.  I don’t know why they painted this villa pink of all colors, but bear with me and keep reading and looking.  I like to show houses that are different from the norm.  We can’t just look at what we are familiar with, we gotta stretch our imaginations.

back view of villa

Built in 1990 and typed as a Villa in the state of Tuscany-Toscana and city of Livorno, Italy it’s listed for EUR 2,950,000 and that translates in US dollars to $3,598,878.

Villa in Livorno Italy

This villa is unique because it has two independent apartments, each with their own stunning terraces, porches, and gardens.  Both apartments have two floors.  I have a huge liking for the orange, yellow, and green, and the archway. House Hunters International, eat your heart out!  

terrace view

I don’t know which apartment has what, because the listing by EREN Finest Real Estate doesn’t say.  Here is the listing description which I don’t usually use verbatim, but this place is a bit complicated:

The first apartment has a living area of 340m2 which is distributed across 2 floors. On the ground floor you will find a beautiful reception hall, two bedrooms and a guest bathroom. On the first floor the large landing is blessed with a cosy fireplace, a quaint kitchen with adjoining utility room. There is also the master bedroom suite which includes an en-suite bathroom and spacious additional room.

The second apartment has a total area of approximately 300m2, also distributed across 2 floors. The ground floor comprises an entrance hall, living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, private study and a bathroom. On the first floor you will find 3 large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Both of the properties are blessed with exquisite marble staircases. Outside the terrace areas offer stunning views over the garden, and there is an additional parking lot with room for 4/5 vehicles.

Following are the photos of the villa, so just enjoy the international show.

tuscany Living room



dining room

living room in villa

villa in Italy for sale



view from balcony

Lastly, the wonderful, breathtaking views of the coast and sea.  Hope this gave you a mini international vacation.

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