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  1. Kat is such a stitch and people love her sweaters. I think someday we will see them in stores.

  2. This is so fun. Her coats could fit right into Alice & Wonderland
    ‘S Mad Hatters Tea Party & the bus reminds me of Ken Kesey’s wild bus from the 60s.

  3. Yeah, these two are off the charts house happy. Kat lives in upper New York. I wonder if her coats are hanging out in your neighborhood?

  4. Sooooooo cool! Could anyone be depressed in this house? I think not.

    There’s a store not far from us that carries only hand made things from local artists. Last time I was there, she had two sweater coats just like these. I love them!

  5. This is certainly a unique house for sure. My MIL loves colorful things. I’m going to have to show her this for sure.

  6. OMG very cool Anj that you appreciate the penny table.

  7. love love love the penny table and backsplash as well as that hallway droolllllllllllllll lol

  8. Thank you so much. If you LOVE the Rainbow House Sarah then I know it’s worth 5 stars.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I absolutely LOVE it Sue!!! I would live there in a heartbeat! Great find!!!

  10. They seem to have enough high creative energy to charge their own batteries.

  11. Colorful and lovely for sure. I’ll bet it keeps their spirits high living amongst all that color and creative energy!

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