The Whimsical Rainbow House that Sweaters Built

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A Whimsical Rainbow House

You’re going to like seeing the whimsical rainbow house that sweaters built called Calico by Kat O’Sullivan. The house reflects her free-spirit and is an explosion of happiness. Kat has an Etsy shop for her signature recycled sweater coats and arm warmers that fuels her magical mystery tour psychedelic rainbow house renovation.

Kat and her husband Mason bought a cute little 1840 house in New York from a woman who lived there for 60 years. It needed a lot of work like a new roof, windows, floors, etc., and was under construction and renovation for a long time.

Kat said on her site that a photo of her home has gone viral and some people think the house has been photo-shopped. It’s for real. She went to the paint store and brought home every color on the shelf.

The Whimsical Rainbow House that Sweaters BuiltIt’s like a big bright patchwork quilt.

Calico house before renovation It was a lot of work clearing the brush away from the pond.

Calico house groundsThe property is beautiful.

Calico house beforeThis plain jane little white house became

Rainbow house in NY by Katwisethis incredible piece of art rainbow house. Every section of the house is different including the inside too.

Calico house chimneyCat In The Hat chimney.

Calico, the Rainbow house kitchen before

Calico, the Rainbow house kitchen after by Kate OSullivanKitchen before and after with a bold blue repainted oven and………..

Calico house - counter built out of pennies instead of granitethis unique penny table and counter that took almost a year to complete.

Katwise, Calico houseRetro 50s dining table and chair that I love and this style is making a big come back in decorating. One of their first renovations was this big, bright window.

White bathroom inside Calico house by katwise

Calico renovation before

Refurbished stained glass windows from an old mansion Katwide Calico, Rainbow House They found the stained glass windows from an old mansion from Craigslist.


house102I think they could sell tickets for a walk through their home especially for these stairs that by sight seems to defy the laws of psychics. Hang on to the rail!!!!!!

Kat's Calico house


house085My favorite is their homemade library. The center is a clever speakeasy built-in bar.

Kat OSullivan, Calico house painted in an explosion of rainbow colors

Kat's artistic inspiration

Katwise Calico House and BusThe house, bus and even some of the sweater coats remind me of The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, and Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band record album covers.

Famous Calico house looks like a rainbow as seen on Katwise.comThere is so much more to see of Calico, rainbow house like the bug room, hallway of faces and

Inside Calico House by Katwise.comother lavish rooms. It’s all just wow.

Recycled Sweater Coat by Katwise on etsyKat has so much talent it jumps off the page. Here’s a look at her one of her recycled sweater coat styles.


Katwise's recycled sweater coats sold on EtsyThings do pile up when you’re busy creating.

Recycled sweater coat by KatwisePlease visit her Etsy shop at Katwise Etsy Shop. I am a big fan and recommend following Kat on Facebook to keep up with her creations. Kat just revealed her “upcoming Musicals Collection in all shapes and sizes will be for sale starting this January 29th.”

Wanna see more? Head over to her My House site to see more whimsical rainbow house magic too.

Kat and her house and sweater coats are full of so much happiness, I am addicted.

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