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  1. The comment about a Chinese company printing ten houses in one day is interesting. You’re right about the change that is prevalent in these industries.

  2. Your welcome Anj. I am still thinking about these houses of the future!

  3. wow i see it but i dont beleive it will wonders never cease lol thanks for blowing my mind sue

  4. Love your expressive comment Heather. Like you, my mind is still in wonderment that something as big as a house can be created with these new 3D Printers.

  5. I’ve been wondering about food a lot since I heard about these 3D Printers so tell your son he is awesome. Jetsons here we come!

  6. I know Sarah, mind boggling that this 3D Printer can build houses and neighborhoods. You could say…print me a Historic house please.

  7. My son is working on a idea of using 3D printers to print food! It won’t look like a gorgeous cupcake or piece of bread, but it will be nutritious.

    Oh, what next!

  8. This is crazy stuff! I’ve heard of a 3D printer before but I never thought it could do something as big as a house. this is pretty incredible stuff. 10 houses in a day that is insane!

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Crazy. Just plain crazy. I cannot even wrap my brain around the technology. It’s way too sci-fi for me!!!

  10. Ah yes, a huge wow factor. Print me a house in yellow please.

  11. 3D printing will definitely be a part of our future soon…well it actually is already. I’ve seen everything constructed with it from shoes to even possibly food! This is a huge wow for housing. I’m looking forward to a high tech future for sure. Thanks for sharing….really amazing stuff!

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