3D Printer Houses: Is This The Future Of Construction?

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A 3D Printer might be the builder of houses in the future.  In fact, a Chinese company printed ten houses using a 3D Printer in one day.  Notice I had to use the word “printed” and not “built?” 

Construction companies will change. Builder’s and Architects way of doing business will change.

The whole idea that a printer could arrive at your property and build your home in one day is mind-bending stuff.

3 D Printer House

The 3D Printer is a layered fabrication technology called Contour Crafting developed by Dr. Behrokh Khoshevis of the University of Southern California.

Using the printer, robotic arms and nozzles can print a house or neighborhood of houses, each with a different design. The giant robot can install tile floors, electrical and plumbing. It can even apply paint and wallpaper.

Watch this cartoon example of how the 3D Printer builds a house.  The only thing I noticed in this video and others I watched is no opening for stairs in two-story houses.

This kind of house is a serious consideration for emergency shelters after catastrophes like Katrina. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to build homes in slums and undeveloped countries too.

Huffington Post says NASA is looking at 3D Printers to build house colonies and roads on the Moon and Mars. In fact, Contour Crafting just won the grand prize of $20,000 for the Create The Future Design Contest hosted by NASA for this large construction printer.

The walls don’t have to be square or even the houses.  The computer-generated program can be changed to include beautiful architectural details without extra cost-shared on TED Talks.

What do humans do? Workers set up two rails the width of the building and well..humans need to hang doors and windows.

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