Lamps transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects

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Patina Lamps transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects

I am excited to show you how I  transformed my lamps with Modern Masters Metal Effects Patina paint. Calling what I did painting is a tad off. The Metal Effects is actually an oxidation process to create beautiful faux patina finishes on any paintable surface.

As you will see their kit transformed my lamps into patina Goddesses.

Modern Masters are “The Alternative to Ordinary.” I wholeheartedly agree.

Their line of paints are very different, to say the least, and not limited to Metal Effects.

Here is a list of Modern Masters line of products:

Metallic Paint Collection

Metal Effects

Front Door Paint

Venetian Plaster

Metallic Plaster and Shimmerstone

Masterclear Supreme

Decorative Painters Products

JWR Artist Acrylics

Something for everyone and more!

Easy Patina Lamp transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects - HousekaboodleI found the green patina to be more like a turquoise.

Metal lamp before using Modern Masters Medal Effects

I have two metal lamps with a nice style, but too dark to go with my new home decor. The lamps were stored away in the basement and became perfect subjects to be transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects Patina paint.

Metal Effects Patina

There are 3 colors. Blue Patina, green patina and rust finish. For the transformation of my lamps, I picked Green Patina and could not be happier with the results as a first time user. I am grateful to this gold mine of a paint company, Modern Masters, who were kind enough to send me the Metal Effects Kit and all opinions are 100% my own.

The first step is to paint your piece with the primer and let it dry for 12 hours or so.

How to patina a lamp with Modern Masters Metal Effects - HousekaboodleNext paint a coat of oxidizing Copper and wait half an hour and paint another coat. While the second copper paint coat is still wet, spray the Patina aging solution. It reacts with the metal particles in the copper paint and zooms up the oxidization process creating a stunning patina finish. It’s brilliant what this paint system does. I have to tell you too that after spraying the aging solution it was fun to watch the old world style creation come to life before my eyes so quickly.

The key is the aging spray solution. I found that spraying a light mist in a circle cloud pattern and not being in a hurry created the best effect.

Step 2 is the Copper paint for Modern Masters Metal Effects patina paintThe coverage of the primer and copper paint was like a dream.


Two lamps transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects in Green Patina - HousekaboodleMy lamps now have slightly different patina patterns. As you can see no two items will turn out the same and that is what I adore about Modern Masters Metal Effects.

Two lamps transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects in Green Patina - Housekaboodle

Patina Green lamp transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects

I love my old world style lamp transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects in Patina Green - HousekaboodleI also chalk painted the lamp shades white and they turned out nice.

I love my old world style lamp transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects in Patina Green - Housekaboodle

If you have lamps or really anything that is paintable, don’t hesitate to get Metal Effects oxidizing paints or any of the other metal and artistic paint systems available. See all Modern Masters products here.

Patina green lamp is now old world style with Modern Masters Metal Effects - HousekaboodleI am thrilled with how my lamps turned out. I hope my lamps inspire you to create something special too with Metal Effects.

Easy Patina Lamps transformed with Modern Masters Metal Effects - HousekaboodleI am pleased my dark lamps are now something special to be displayed and kept for many years.

This is a paint I will use again and again. As I look around I have many ornate candlesticks (oh those will be beautiful), a chair, containers and a large floor lamp I could transform with Modern Masters Metal Effects.

Thank you for making Housekaboodle part of your day. If you have any questions leave a comment below. I love to hear from my readers.

Click the photo to see the Dining Room Table I painted blue.Farmhouse table makeover

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  1. Hi Velma and it is nice to meet you. I inherited the lamps from my Dad after he died. The lamps still had the tags on them, but I don’t recall the store. They were likely from Macy’s where he worked or Hobby Lobby where he shopped (a lot) and of course it was some time ago that he bought them so that is likely why you don’t find them anywhere.

  2. Sue, Where did you get the lamp bases, I love them and have not seen this style in the store actually any store. PLEASE SHARE THIS .

  3. These are looking great Sue! Super job. I love how they look on your table girl. Your so good at this stuff.

  4. This came out beautifully! It doesn’t even look like the same lamp! I have several things I’d like to try this on, but I’d really like the front door paint first. But I have to get over the pinch of the holidays first, lol.
    Wonderful job and wonderful product!

  5. These lamps turned out great, Sue! And it sounds like it was a pretty easy project. I will definitely have to try the Modern Masters finishes on a project or two after the holidays. Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Oh how I love this color of patina! And it is perfect with your other accessories. The lamps are totally fab —if you ever get tired of them —do send them my way! Congrats on a another great makeover!

  7. A “very unique application” is a perfect description Heather for this old world style metal effects so thank you for that and I so appreciate how much you like how the lamps turned out too.

  8. Honestly, you made my day today with such nice compliments Carolann. I can’t wait to try this metal effects system on some more things around the house.

  9. Thank you Michelle so much. We love how the lamps turned out and now I can’t wait to see yours too. I am eager to try it on my candlesticks.

  10. Wow Sue. These are beautiful. I have the same kit that I plan to use on lamps as well. It was fun to read about the process so I know what to do. Simply gorgeous in your home too.

  11. These came out absolutely beautiful! The lamps were already fantastic, but adding this very unique application not only gave them their own style, but they now match your home perfectly. Can’t wait to try this product. Thank you for your great photos and inspiration.

  12. Sue, I am in love with your lamps now! Oh my gosh – they are stunning! And on that table – simply gorgeous! I love the shades of blue and copper. What an amazing transformation. One of your best to date – outside of that stunning piano of course! I love all of your work Sue. It’s done with such attention to detail. I am always inspired by you!

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